Grandstream GXP1160

The Grandstream GXP 1160 (with the almost identical GXP 1165) is our entry level, enterprise SIP telephone ideal for both office and general users - the business phone. Its new design, latest technology and enhanced features deliver an elegant IP handset for business phone system use. 


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The Grandstream GXP1160 (and GXP1165) is a next generation business IP phone with a single SIP account and 2 call appearances. It has a 128x40 graphical LCD display, 3 XML programmable context-sensitive soft keys, dual network ports with integrated PoE (GXP1165 only). It also allows 3-way conference, and Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) with Plantronics headsets.

The GXP1160/1165 delivers superior audio quality, rich and leading edge telephony features, personalised information and a customisable application service allowing automated provisioning for easy deployment.  It is a perfect choice for small-to-medium businesses looking for a high quality, feature rich IP phone.


  • 1 line appearance with FLASH to handle 2 simultaneous calls
  • High fidelity wideband audio and a full-duplex speakerphone with advanced acoustic echo cancellation
  • Outfitted with SRTP, is wall mountable, and can also be automatically provisioned for mass deployment


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Product Details

  • 128 x 40 pixel graphical LCD with support for multiple languages
  • 1 line appearance with FLASH to handle up to 2 simultaneous calls
  • 3 XML programmable context sensitive soft keys, 3 way conference
  • High fidelity wideband audio, full-duplex speakerphone with advanced acoustic echo cancellation
  • Dual switched auto sensing 10/100 Mbps network ports
  • Automated provisioning for mass deployment,

Grandstream GXP 1160 Instant Overview

Performing Transfers With The GXP 1160

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How to perform call transfers with a Grandstream GXP1160 

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