Telephone Systems Made Simple

Birchills Telecom make professional telephone systems easy

Free Phone
We offer a limited range of quality VoIP phones which we have tested extensively with our system. For the budget conscious professional we offer The Grandstream GXP1160 - an entry level quality VoIP Phone free - one per extension. You can check out the GXP1160 here. You can check out the full range here

Free Cloud PBX
The Birchills Cloud based PBX has been designed from the ground up to be the simplest there is. So you can control all the power of the system including call recordings, Auto Attendant and much more yourself. Or we can do it all for you.  To enjoy the full power of the Birchills PBX - all you have to do is plug your phones into your broadband or network. Check out the power of the Birchills PBX here.

Free Phone Numbers
Birchills Telecom provides free telephone numbers - one per extension. You can have as many as you like and unlike many competitors we don't even charge for so called Gold numbers. You can choose your UK phone numbers here - or simply give us a call. If you want any other numbers, maybe a French or American number we can  provide these as well. (There is a charge for foreign numbers.)

No Credit Checks
You trust us to provide the best telephone system possible. We trust you to pay us. It's that simple! 

Free Trial 
We are so confident that you will love the service that we offer a completely free trial. Check out the details here.

Price is always important - our telephone system costs just £10.00 a month for the first extension and £8.00 a month thereafter.  And remember the it is a fully managed service not faceless people hiding behind a web page. You can check our full price list here.

Ready To Find Out More?
You don't buy telephone systems every day, so it isn't surprising if you have questions. Why don't you take some time for a quiet chat with one of our experts. We'll be happy to help you find the right solution for your business. There really is no pressure - we know that you can leave us at any time so we need to give you a system that meets your needs now and in the future.

BUT Don't Buy Until You Ask 6 Vital Questions

Auto Attendant Whitepaper Download





Now downloaded over 3,000 times!

Facing the difficult task of finding a new auto attendant system? There are many questions to consider in finding the perfect system for your business. We have compiled a white paper free for you to download. This paper is ideal for helping to find your small business telephone system.

Key Points:

  • Ask the vital six questions (so you don't buy a bad system)
  • Learn what features you can have and which one's you need. 
  • Find out how to save money with a future proof phone system.
  • Ideas for small businesses

There is no need to go through pages of advice available on the web, all the information you need about purchasing an office telephone system is available in this free whitepaper.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I have been trying to sell your services to all my mates but there seems to be a perception that the call quality is like that of Skype! I assure them it isn’t but one day one of them will bite. Using your system has increased the quality of my business life immensely to the point that I do not know how I managed before."  Patrick Byrne, MD Battersea Kitchens Ltd

"As a solicitor I was a bit hesitant about VoIP and its reliability, but Birchills Telecom changed my mind. The phones arrived I plugged them into my network and they just worked. Spooky ! Its clarity is great. I'm recommending Birchills Telecom to all my clients and colleagues."
Gurminder Gless, Solicitor

"Business recruitment means hammering phones all day every day. Cutting costs was of paramount mportance to me. Birchills Telecoms’s hosted phone system knocked over 75% off our old phone bill with BT and there is no tie in. So, Birchills, you better keep your costs really low!"
Brad Dailey, Building Potential