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Cloud Net @ Technology World 2009

Cloud Net exhibit at Technology World 09Cloud Net is exhibiting at Technology World 2009 at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, UK. The event brings the best of UK innovation together with carefully selected buyers and potential partners from across the globe to do business via a two day meeting-focused event. Now in its fifth year, Technology World has a proven track record of success. Last year it generated 2,200 meetings with 500 buyers and sellers from 38 countries. This year it is bigger and with more targeted delegates, an expanded exhibition, more networking opportunities and a world-class conference programme.

Cloud Net Chairman, David Hill said following the success of day one. “We have met some very interesting people. There is a large demand for competitive solutions for voice telephony, especially based around VoIP. Today we talked to people from Sri Lanka, India, China, Mexico and Russia. It isn’t very often that you meet so many business people from across the globe. These meetings may lead onwards to greater things but the networking with the UK based companies and institutions is already proving of real worth.

Hot topics have included the green telecoms revolution and how live voice traffic interacts with the social networking scene.

There are several other telecoms related companies displaying their technologies all of which have different niches. It is good to be able to work together and exchange ideas in such an ideal venue.”

Cloud Net have been showcasing their latest cloud based hosted telephone systems which offer free hardware including free handsets. The ability to call the UK for free using UK based telephone numbers from anywhere in the world through the worlds most powerful cloud based pbx has proved a great draw for many delegates.

The show continues for a further day with more world class networking and conferencing opportunities.

Businesses “Think Local” in Southern Staffordshire

SSCCI's Marilyn Castree with Cloud Net's David Hill and Katy DraperThe latest new partnership between Southern Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SSCCI) and Cloud Net is helping local businesses by offering their members free local phone calls to all landlines with dialling codes in the Southern Staffordshire area.

Marilyn Castree, Divisional Director of SSCCI, is delighted to have such a dynamic partner on board: “New start up companies and our existing members are always looking for cost savings, flexibility, good service and ways to improve their green credentials. We feel Cloud Net deliver on all these fronts and with free local calls for our members, this is a good step to accelerating trade and growth between local businesses.”

The recession has put additional pressures on businesses to review their operations and question their use of resources. Every pound spent has to work harder for businesses and all communication channels must deliver more for less.

SSCCI has a commitment for supporting business with best of breed services and resources and the new partnership with Cloud Net helps ensure their members are at the leading edge of telecoms technology and services.

“Like other technologies, telecommunications are advancing on a daily basis, with established providers straining to keep up. Our phone systems operate through high speed voice optimised broadband connections, and we are at the leading edge of this technology” said David Hill, Cloud Net’s Chairman.

“Companies want a contact number for life wherever they are based, lower costs and the ability to operate with as many people or branches as they want, without massive operational change or cost. This is where the new generation of telecoms we offer really helps.”

With free hardware, free set up and a far cheaper line rental arrangement than is offered by other telecommunications companies, Cloud Net allows SSCCI’s members to save on telecoms costs, allowing them to invest their savings in making the business more productive. And it is this approach to telecoms solutions that work with the increasingly mobile and flexible needs of a modern business, rather than one that rigidly dictates the way in which it works, that has most excited the SSCCI.

SSCCI will be working closely with Cloud Net over the coming months to ensure that members are kept right up to date with the partnership and the benefits it can provide for them. Those wishing to find out more about the many benefits, features and functions available from Cloud Net themselves are welcome to attend one of their highly informative seminars. Simply visit them at for more details.

For more information about Cloud Net or their new alliance with SSCCI contact Cloud Net’s local account manager, Katy Draper on 01922213333 or Chris Plant, Marketing Manager at SSCCI on 01283713189.

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Cloud Net network upgraded for improved call quality

The quality of the Cloud Net network was already high but a recent planned upgrade gave the opportunity to allow us to hardwire into our ISP network.

VoIP works by translating voice into digital packets and then sending them over the Internet to their final destination where they are converted back to voice that you can hear. As the packets travel toward their destination they have to pass from network to network. Crossing a network connection is called a hop

Tier-1 ISPs are considered the largest and usually the best type of Internet access providers because there is only one hop between the tier-1 ISP network and the end-user's network. It isn't unusual for packets travelling through the Internet to go through 15, 20, or more hops from source to destination. Every hop brings with it added delays – and delays are bad for voice quality.

So anything we can do to reduce the number of hops has to be good. We had a planned upgrade to the hardware installing some new switching equipment and this allowed us to run a cable into the heart of the ISP network.

This has now meant that Cloud Net is hardwired into both the public switched telephone network (the one that BT use) and the Internet and that simply adds up to more reliability and even better voice quality. And that has to be good.
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