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Mobile PBX brings business VoIP to iPhone and iPad


Call handling capabilities of a full professional PBX switchboard available on Apple’s mobile devices.

Mobile PBX on the iPhone from Cloud Net23 August 2010 - Business phone systems company Birchills Telecom, today announced the launch of its first mobile connectivity solution for the iPhone and iPad.  The Mobile PBX provides users of Apple’s iDevices with a full set of easy to use VoIP-for-business features, including a full hosted virtual PBX (switchboard), at clear, predictable and competitive rates.

New users of the service will be able to keep business and personal calls separate with free incoming calls to a separate geographic (01, 02 or 03) number on the same mobile device while taking advantage of low outgoing call charges (including international calling).

Existing users will benefit from the business phone features they’re familiar with, such as follow-me and hunt groups, while they are on the move. Moreover, because calls are handled over the iDevice’s data connection (either Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G) there are no additional costs for incoming calls and outgoing calls are at competitive VoIP call rates.

 After downloading a preconfigured application from iTunes, and entering a user name and password, the user is instantly connected to Cloud Net’s phone system over Wi-Fi or 3/4G. 

Mobile PBX users will be charged £10 per month for access to its VoIP switchboard and free calls between other Birchills users. All calls made from the iDevices by existing Cloud Net users will appear on their normal monthly bill.

All users pay for calls made outside the Birchills network.

David Hill of Birchills Telecom, said, “Every business has different needs and new service together with our other new offerings: Virtual Number and CLASS answering service allows our customers tailor their business phone service to their needs. 

We’re very excited about our mobile connectivity solution. Its great value and ease of installation is what customers have come to expect of our products and services. We believe it will boost productivity for those businesses and individual users constantly on the move.”

“We have found that mobile contracts are not designed for calling between the office and mobiles. Forwarding desk phone calls to your mobile also adds to office phone bills. Our service will mean that your iPhone and iPad will effectively become a convenient extension of your office.  We would not be surprised if more and more users with iPhones start ditching their desk phones as a result!” added David Hill, Chairman of Birchills Telecom.

Our inclusive packages consist of:

  • Internet based switchboard (PBX)
  • Management portal - you can configure your system really simply online
  • Free calls on our network - great if you have offices in different locations or remote workers
  • Geographic telephone numbers
  • Voice mail
  • Fax boxes
  • Call redirect
  • Call recording
  • Ring back
  • Conferencing
  • Caller identification

Key benefits of the mobile PBX:

  • Take your land line number with you wherever you go
  • Multiple phone numbers on one handset – split business and personal calls
  • You just need your mobile device (iPhone or iPad) – no other computers or telephone equipment required
  • No fixed broadband connection required (note, your handset does need access to the internet for the service to work)
  • Easy to use switchboard
  • Save on call costs
  • Supports flexible mobile working

* There is a small one-off charge of £4.99 to download the mobile app from iTunes which Cloud Net is unable to avoid.

To find out more about our Mobile PBX solution, please contact or call 01922 21 33 33.


Cloud Net offers free broadband migration


Walsall, 4th August 2010, your internet carries many different types of traffic including webStandard consumer broadband pages, email, voice and documents. The problem is that these different types of traffic share the same connection without levels of priority. This is fine for most types of traffic but voice is very sensitive to delay and packet loss - each word in a conversation needs to be delivered on time and in the correct order.

Cloud Net provides Quality of Service (QoS) broadband which is Our Broadbanddesigned to suit voice data, making it ideal to go with VoIP phone solutions.

Until the 30th September 2010 Cloud Net would like to offer a FREE broadband migration saving you £50 off the set-up fee.

Cloud Net provides small office broadband which supports up to 4 phones which is priced at £22.00 per month.

We also provide large office broadband which supports up to 20 phones at £35.00 per month.

(please note migration will not include router, you will have to purchase one separately)


  • Cloud Net's market leading broadband is on an un-congested business grade network.
  • No Costs to switching.
  • Excellent VoIP quality benefits, with no effect on your internet speed.
  • Large broadband offers Up to 8Mbps depending download speeds (depending on exchange)
  • Highly competitive contention ratios on our broadband, low ratio’s as oppose to the highly contented home/consumer broadband.
  • Having the ability to cope with peak internet use times without determent to voice quality.
For more information on our broadband click here or call us on 01922 21 33 33 alternatively email us at
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