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Which Telephone System Is Right For Your SME Business? -12/01/11

Posted by Kevin Box on Jan 12, 2011 3:11:00 PM

Cloudnet Telecommunications Ltd releases a whitepaper providing SMEs with objective information and advice to aid decision making when purchasing a new business phone system.

11 January 2011 - Business phone systems company Cloudnet Free WhitepaperTelecommunications Ltd has published an objective and comprehensive whitepaper which outlines the key factors a small business needs to take into account when purchasing a new phone system.

It lists factors Ofcom has identified to consider when purchasing a new phone system, such as reliability and resilience, service levels and ability to operate across multiple sites.

In addition, the guide compares dedicated broadband internet connections vs. separate telephone connections and various types of phone systems including hosted vs. on-site PBX. A complete independent listing of all the business phones systems available in the UK provides SMEs with indicative costs and the whitepaper lists the questions to ask a potential supplier before purchasing a new business phones system.

David Hill, Chairman of Cloudnet Telecommunications Ltd, comments: “We receive daily enquiries from small businesses across the UK, who want to know more about business phones systems and which would be most beneficial to their needs. To ensure all SMEs are informed of the variety of services available within this ever-changing market, our whitepaper gives small businesses a summary of in-house system maintenance options, tips on how to ensure their new system is open and will work with their existing equipment, and the types of action they may need to take if their needs change.

“We produced this whitepaper because we believe we have the best business phone service available and wanted to provide potential customers with all the facts they might need to help them make up their own minds on whether internet telephony is right for them. Written from an independent perspective, our whitepaper is an SME buyers’ guide intended to help small businesses make the best decision when purchasing a new phone system, to ensure they get an efficient yet cost effective service that suits their needs both now and in the future.”

To download a free copy of the guide, please visit Alternatively, to find out more about Cloud Net, please contact or call 01922 21 33 33.


About Cloud Net

Cloudnet Telecommunications Ltd supplies business telephone systems and services to SMEs and start-ups, with the advantages of no capital expenditure necessary to run a professional PBX and dramatically lower running costs.

Cloudnet Telecommunications Ltd has developed a dedicated voice over IP (VoIP) network providing free calls within the network and cheap rate calls outside of the Cloudnet Connect network. The company also offers CLASS, a live answering service and has a happy and growing customer base across the UK.

Privately financed, Cloudnet Telecommunications Ltd started trading in March 2009.

For media information, to review Cloudnet services or for case studies, please contact Ranbir Sahota or Nic Corns at Vitis PR on 0121 242 8048 or /

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