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Free VoIP Whitepapers -The Telecoms Spot Week 6 - 12/1/11

Posted by Kevin Box on Jan 12, 2011 9:43:00 AM

Danielle Cochrane presents the latest weekly news in the telecoms industry. This week she reports about the ICT awards, free VoIP whitepapers available for download and due to expansion Cloudnet are also advertising jobs.

Cloudnet is the friendly professional business phone systems company based in Walsall Our team has developed our hosted VoIP phone systems platform and the technology behind it. Cloudnet is the only company to concentrate purely on our Internet based phone systems solution – the switchboard in the sky. The business phone benefits of VoIP lie behind the astronomical growth of the industry.

In summary these are:

•Free calls within the network

•Free hardware including business phones - no capital cost ever

•Low subscription costs

•Amazing feature set

•Unified communications at a dramatically reduced price point Why not learn more about our commercial phone systems by following the link?

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