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Forbidden sign shows 9 Phrases That Should  Be Banned From Sales Calls

Think of a time you caught yourself saying something stupid on the phone with a prospect. We've all done it. We all hear other salespeople say things that make us cringe. Take a look at some statements that we think should be banned from a sales person’s vocabulary.

1.) "Is now a good time to talk?"
They picked up the phone for heaven's sake, so tell them why your calling concisely and try to sound interesting. Full stop Why would you give your  prospect a quick get out of the conversation with your first question?

2) "Honestly" or "To be honest with you."
This is just awful. Don't you cringe when people say it to you?  As soon as some one says  "honestly," you imply that they've been lying before.

3.) "As I said before" or "Like I said"
So you want to bludgeon the prospect into submission by repeating your sales mantra.  They've heard it once and now you are going to inflict it on them again.
4.) "Can I just send you an e-mail?"
We all know the ABC  "Always Be Closing". Here you are doing the opposite ABD "Always Be Delaying". If you want to close you have to ask for it - not delay it.

5.) "I'm not trying to sell you anything."
Uh, yes you are. If you aren't you shouldn't be making the call. Why should you qualify what you’re going to tell someone? Just say who you are and how you can add value.

And, of course the most powerful thing you can do is to say nothing. Listen once, listen twice and listen again. The call is not about you, it's about the prospect.
You are trying to making prospects feel comfortable. When it works, and it does work a lot of the time, it is like a ballet dance with each step following inevitably from the previous one.


John Dobby says:
"Can I just send you an e-mail?" or "Can you send me some information?"  
 I have always found that there is one great way to answer these stall tactics.  
 A) "Not a problem I can do that, can you tell me a little bit more about how you do X today so I can send you the right information"?  
I have found that unless they are really busy ( the middle of a report that was due five minutes ago) that you will move beyond the "information stall" or you will catch a gatekeeper off guard and that they just might pass you thru to someone that can answer that question, or at least to a voice mail that you can get a name for next time.

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