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With more communications available to them – email, smart phone chat apps and SMS texting – the youngest generation of adults seems less enthusiastic about voice calls.

There’s no question about it: We live in a digital age, and the way we communicate with one another has changed fundamentally. At Birchills, we operate on the cutting edge of this trend. We are in the business of equipping our customers with high-tech VoIP phone systems that harness the power of the Internet to create highly affordable calling infrastructure with multiple phone lines.

But the reality is that the evolving nature of the way we communicate is leading to changes in social behaviour as well. In recent years, statisticians have made much over the fact that Millennials are much less inclined to make a phone call than to send a text. With more communications available to them – email, smart phone chat apps and SMS texting – the youngest generation of adults seems less enthusiastic about voice calls.

With such dramatic differences between generational preferences, some office managers are having difficulty determining how to bridge the divide (more on that in the next section). But the good news is that this may be little more than a fleeting trend, as it appears that even Millennials are coming around to the allure and practicality of a good, old-fashioned phone call.

Evolving Communication Preferences Are Creating Tension in Offices

To get an idea of just how much Millennials prefer texting to speaking on the phone, consider this study conducted by the Pew Research Center. The data it collects focuses on Millennials’ communication habits in the US, but it’s probably safe to say that much of the developed world is seeing similar results.

Particularly, the study found that mobile phone owners between the age of 18 and 24 send and receive an average of nearly 110 text messages per day – or well over 3,000 per month. If you’re not of the Millennial generation, there’s a good chance that you find this figure startling. For those who didn’t grow up with digital technology at their fingertips, it’s difficult to imagine how anyone could even find the time to process so many messages in a single day.

And if you work in an office environment that includes Millennials, there’s also a good chance that you’ve found yourself frustrated by their communication habits. Your preferred modes of contacting each other simply aren’t lining up. But it looks like this could be about to change.

Millennials Are Increasingly Fond of Voice Communications

Earlier this month, WIRED published an article entitled ‘It’s Not Just You—the Lowly Phone Call Is Making a Comeback’. The article began with some anecdotal evidence from the author, Liz Stinton, suggesting that her Millennial friends were increasingly likely to call her (rather than send a text), and then she went on to report on experts who have been charting similar trends across society. It appears that voice calls – even for small talk – are making a comeback with the younger generation.

When it comes to office environments, phones are still an essential communication tool. The way we achieve voice communication may be changing, but this style of communication is certainly not going away. And if you’re ready to improve or expand your in-office calling infrastructure, contact the best UK VoIP providers to find out more about how we can fit out your office with advanced VoIP phone service.


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