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Avaya IP500 Alternative

Avaya IP500 Alternative Birchills VoIP
Avaya are a company with a rich telephony history  who produce the IP Office range of products which add up to a phone system. The most up to date version is the IP 500 version 2. We wanted to see how it stacked up.


The system is built around a core unit into which you plug your incoming phone lines and a range of phones and other devices. There is a range of licensing options which allows the single unit to do more or less depending on what level of software you take. It can accept incoming  analogue,  ISDN or phone lines and supports cloud based VoIP. Anything you could possibly want it can do and do it well.

However because the range of options is so large  and confusing you are probably going to need a partner to guide you through the maze. Helpfully Avaya has set up a global network of dealers who are able to help specify, supply and install your system.

The dealers are able to define your system for you and then quote you for it. You should think long and hard about what you want because changing anything after the initial installation will be a LOT more expensive.

So lets look at some of the deals that are out there on the initial installation. Trying  to find a clear deal is difficult but we have found one that is basically:-

A 6 phone set up with voicemail at a cost of £2,100 – and that is ultra competitive– you are going to need to an ISDN 30 installation to go with that or add more licence costs if you want to go cloud based VoIP. It lacks any power features such as call recording or music on hold.

So that translates to about £70 per month  lease costs on a 3 year lease deal – plus your phone lines  say you want to be able to make 4 phone calls at once at about £16.00 a line. There is a 1 off connection fee of about £120 per line- add £480.  So your cost is £130 pounds a month plus call costs.

Now lets compare that to a hosted solution from Birchills Telecom – that means the PBX is in the cloud .
The capital cost is zero. There is a one off connection fee of £150. Monthly ongoing costs are £50 a month and you can make 6 calls not 4 at once.

So the hosted solution from Birchills Telecom is simply more powerful and you save 61%

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