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Wouldn’t you like to call the shots? – to have VoIP give you the freedom to communicate wherever or whenever you want.

That’s the big promise of VoIP to have it your way – talk to your customers in the most powerful way whenever is good. But the big guys want you to do it all yourself – they want you to login to this and go through security there and learn their lingo. And if you can get through to their Lebanese help desk eventually they will treat you like a moron.

Why Not Talk To A Real British Person In Britain?

Wouldn't it just be great. With no delays you could tell them what you want in English and that friendly person would set it up how you want it. Job done. Any time. And free.

Don’t you think it’s weird when all the big guys put up their prices every year? Wasn’t technology meant to bring down prices? I bet you wish your company could raise its prices every year and get customers just to say well that’s OK. But of course, the big guys have you locked in on extended contracts.

If you are still free of the everlasting contracts or they are expiring why would you lock yourself in again? VoIP is there to free you from all of this – just get a rolling contract where prices have never increased.

But don’t the big guys give great reassurance? – a big name equals big security. Right?

Have you seen the BT outages site recently – its here When I checked in on the 1st page there were about 50 phone area and broadband outages ongoing with fix dates of several days.

In contrast Birchills consistently acheives and exceeds our uptime target of 99.99% meaning our customers are connected when they need to be.

Don't The Big Guys Innovate?

Telco’s like Birchills need to innovate to stay up there  – so, for instance, we have the 1st browser based office phone system anywhere. Run your entire office system in a browser wherever you are. For instance, you can transfer calls to colleagues from the airport, from home or from a hotel room using any device, computer or mobile. Check out Communicator here! The small guys are fleet of foot, innovative and reactive in a way the large guys just can't match.

We're also constantly developing new and exciting web apps to enhance our system with the focus on adding features and increasing usability

We also offer all the usual power features you would expect from a VoIp system giving you the freedom to set everything up to suit your exact business needs. And even better stil...they're all included free within the price of the system. If you can dream it the Birchills system can do it.

Do you learn from your mistakes?

When you hit your thumb with a hammer you get to learn it hurts and you don't do it very often again. So if you record all of your calls then you can learn from them too. You can listen again to tricky conversations and think how you could have done it better. You can listen to that address that they read to you too quickly. Or find out what you said that caused them to get annoyed. We all know that sales shouldn't be about selling but a natural conversation about needs. Now you can hear how close you are to doing that. How does your best salesman sell so much? - listen in and find out.

Then  again you may want to enforce a verbal contract You may have seen the recent Mike Ashley, of Sports Direct case. It was said that he promised to pay £15m to a “friend” in a pub. Mike said he didn’t remember the conversation but if the conversation had been on a VoIP phone and been recorded his “friend” would be £15m better off.

Geography Is History

Your offices, departments, people and businesses can be anywhere on the planet where there is an internet connection. People can talk to each other whether they are in the same office or in offices separated by oceans. And what is even better the calls are free between all customers of Birchills.

For instance, we have a Harley Street practise who has different receptionists in different buildings scattered across London. The caller thinks they are all in the same building occupying expensive Harley St offices. Another customer has help desks situated in New York, Syndey and London so that they can take calls whenever is best for them - when it's day in Sydney it's night in London but customers get great day time service wherever they are.

Press 1 to get more sales, press 2 to get paid faster

There is a great feature on a VoIP phone system called AutoAttendant  which is also called IVR for Interactive Voice Response or  Voice Menu. What happens is that, when a caller makes a call they hear a message which says, “press 1 for sales, press 2 for accounts” etc. This means that the caller gets quick access to the correct department. In fact, if they know the extension or number they are calling they can dial straight through to it. Callers hate being delayed and this helps. Research shows that reducing waiting times for callers increases customer satisfaction and AutoAttendant can slash waiting times by 75%.  

Some of our customers only have one person answering the calls but they think it makes them sound a lot more professional to have the announcement “For Sales press 1, For accounts press 2, For Support Press 3”.

We are talking telephone numbers

VoIP systems allow you to grab phone numbers for your system instantly and you can have phone numbers anywhere. You can get your phone numbers instantly - no more waiting for a phone line to be installed. You can add and delete phone numbers at will. The numbers can be from anywhere including London, Paris, New York or any where else. There is no reason to pay for memorable numbers because withon reason at Birchills they are all free.

One of our customers is having a large sales drive. To give themselves local presence they have a New York number- Manhattan in fact. Callers may think they are dealing with a major US corporation or in any case a corporation who cares enough to have a local number. One of the major pluses of dealing with the US is that US mobile calls on a VoIP system are charged at the same low rate as landlines.

Another of our customers, a printer in fact, has been busy buying up other companies. As soon as they get ownership of the new company they transfer the telephone numbers into our VoIP system. It’s called porting. The numbers can be anywhere in the country but all of the calls can now be centrally handled. This means that the new owners can ensure great service to old customers, who sometimes don’t even realise that they are dealing with a new company.

Never Engaged

Many of our customers were used to having to add new phone lines if they want a new phone and worse if the total number of calls exceeds the number of lines they had then a caller would get an engaged tone. With VoIP calls are no longer tied to the number of lines or phone numbers you have. There is no limit to the number of calls you can handle at one time. So, with a single phone you could have one caller on hold, one caller in a queue whilst you are speaking to a third caller. You can connect and disconnect in as many ways as you can understand at once. You are only limited by your own imagination.

One customer had installed multiple phone lines to cope with peaks in demand he had many more lines than people just to prevent engaged tones when he swapped to VoIP their customers calls were always handled and a major customer gripe was removed.

Time And Tide Wait For No Man

A VoIP system should work just how you want it to but also just when you want it to.  VoIP systems can have complex time based rules, which can be changed at will. They can control any activity of the system. Calls can be routed to diffferent people, places or systems depending on the time of day or holidays.

One of our customers has calls routed to different people on different times of the week. So, George takes all of the calls between 6 and 8.00 pm all week, Sue takes calls between 9 and six on Monday and Tuesday and Thelma on Wednesday to Friday between 9 and 6. There are different messages that callers get on after 8.00pm during the week and all weekend. Bank holidays have different rules. They have a bank of professional messages ready to be used at any time.

Music To Stir Your Soul

Why not hit your customers with some great music and words? Something inspirational that leaves them wanting to buy from you. The actual composition may be difficult but the technology to allow your cutsomers to hear it when they are on hold or when they are answered is easy. But be careful how you design it - my local solicitor greets me with condolonces on the loss of my loved one in a recording every time I phone - which since I am phoning about a property deal is not appropriate - but I am glad that they care at this sad time!

Birchills have a range of copyright free, free music that can be played or you can licence the latest hit from Justin Bieber if you are feeling rich enough. We can mix your words and music together to suit you.

Different Strokes For Different Folks

Do you want to zig whilst all the others zag? It’s your business but the big guys want you to use their hardware, their phones and their conferencing units. They lock you down, tie you in and hide the key. So all their hardware is locked to their system and if you change your mind at any point all of the introductory discounts have gone. The only thing to do with their hardware is to crush it – and we do that literally on this video.

It’s different with Birchills – you get to select the phones, conference units, headsets and anything else you want. True we a have a great range of hardware from Grandstream, Gigaset, Panasonic, Vtech and Yealink but you are free to choose any compatible device. We’ll test it, and program it as part of the service.

With the big guys you get to choose any colour providing it’s black – yes we know it’s a cliché – but it’s also true. With Birchills you really can shop around and choose your devices – but then again with such a great range at deeply discounted prices most of our customers choose to stay with our range.

Ultimate Phone Service

All of this adds up to having the ultimate phone service, configured in the way that is right for your business. For example, Uber – the internet cab business – has built their business on just such a VoIP system. If you can dream it then VoIP can do it. And if Birchills system can’t do it today then we are happy to change it so that it will.

The freedom that VoIP brings is revolutionising the way that businesses of all sizes communicate. With Birchills there is zero risk – try it before you buy it. If you are a UK business we will send you a fully configured phone for you to try with no obligation. If you like it, and we think you will, keep it and use it as part of your system. If you don’t think it’s for you then still keep it with our compliments. Either way we won’t hassle you – and we won’t ever tie you down.


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