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BT Cloud Voice Vs Birchills Telecom

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Don't get us wrong, BT Cloud Voice is a great product. We welcome the new entrant to the market place - competition is always good.  However, we believe when you make your choice the facts speak for themselves.



All the power features included - free including Voice Menu, Call Queues, Voice Mail, Call recording

30 day rolling contract - cancel any time

Free quality GXP1610IP Phones

No site survey required

Any suitable broadband

Buy today

Sold, operated and supported by Birchills Telecom

Simple pricing, free hardware


Complex 3 levels of licence

All the power features available depending on licence includes Voice Menu, Call Queues, Voice Mail, licence dependant

Minimum of 1 or 2 years - depends on level - no cancellation

Expensive Cisco phones from about £60 each

Site survey requirred

BT broadband required

Long purchase cycle

Ring Central system, sold by BT Local Business

Complex tiered pricing with added licence arrangements

If you are interested in the service then your choice is either to call us directly on 0800 520 0887 (calls are free from both landline and mobile) and speak directly to our experts or to call BT and talk to their contact centre. BT will take your details and ask one of their local business franchisees to call you. Our experts are available immediately.


BT Business CEO Graham Sutherland - Sixty per cent of UK SMEs are already seeing the benefits of cloud-based applications. With an ever more flexible workforce, using a cloud-based telephony system is a natural step for many businesses.
Birchills Telecom Says - Exactly 24-11-2014 7h42- I have been using BT Cloud Voice for some months now and I have to say after the initial faff of dealing with BT Local business it is a really great service. Their support centre in Ireland is really great when I have any problems. I really don't know why any one would want to use a smaller company.
Birchills Telecom Says - We do welcome the competition but we do believe we do give a lot better service and we are a lot cheaper.  ‎24-07-2013 11h23 I'v had a problem with BT business (They disconnected me ) spoke to many Indians - a nice lady in cornwall and some Northern operatives. Total farce talk about the blind leading the blind.

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