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BT Launch Cloud Phone


BT Business have at last let their Cloud Phone offering see the light of day. It was announced over a year ago as the base entry system for small businesses who have limited requirements. It is the first product launched to bypass the BT Local Business franchisees – it will be sold directly through the web.

A prospective customer logs on to the BT site and using the web site satisfies themselves as to their requirements.  You will be expected to choose the IP phones you want up front. The prospect can ask questions by using the chat system, but we did find responses very slow to come by. BT Cloud Phone is a  ‘plug and play’ solution. BT say they will provide the support you need over the phone.
There are three User Feature Packs to choose from:
Basic – which includes everything except call recording on demand, CRM Integration, multi level autoattendant, and web conferencing and costs from £13.00 a month per user plus connection fees , hardware costs,  postage and packing, and call costs.
Connect which adds the features missing from Basic, except web conferencing, and adds £5.00 a month to bring the cost up to £18.00 per month per user
Collaborate which adds the web and video meetings to bring the full package in at £23.00 a month per user.
These costs are based on a 24 month contract. If the customer chooses a 12 month contract then the costs rise by £2.00 per month per user for ever. It seems probable that adding to the phones will reset the contract period.
Once the customer has paid the up front fees for the system and plugged them into their BT only broadband they can get phone support. BT anticipate 2 calls following which customers will be expected to manage everything via their online portal.
It is possible to port in phone numbers, we understand, but fees are difficult to come by. We were unable to determine how many phone numbers the system will support or the fees for them.
BT raise prices annually or more often and so it is to be expected that fees will rise.


Birchills Telecom provides an equivalent and far less expensive service to BT. We have attempted to reflect the situation as described in public sources in good faith but BT's web site is not very obvious and we may have misunderstood some of the items. At the end of the day the decision is yours.

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