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Can You Get The New BT Landline Rate?

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Ofcom were very keen to tell us that they had forced BT to offer landline rentals for £11.99 a month. Could I get on board?
Can You Get Your BT £11.99 Landline Price?

In October 2017 the Guardian newspaper, along with many others, trumpeted the announcement from Ofcom that landline prices from BT were to be slashed.

They said:
The company will slash the monthly cost of line rental for its landline-only customers by £7 a month to £11.99 from April next year, following a scathing review by the regulator, which highlighted the “poor value” for money subscribers get compared with those who buy bundles including TV and broadband.

Ofcom said it stepped in because bills for landline-only customers – nearly two-thirds of whom are over 65 – have “soared” in recent years despite BT and other landline providers benefiting from significant cuts in the cost of providing the service.

For full disclosure I am the Chairman of Birchills Telecom, a business to business VoIP phone company. This blog article appears on our website.

At my home I have a BT landline on which I get the odd call or two. It is costing me over £30.00 a month and I hardly ever use it, except to get nuisance calls. It is April and I was looking forward to seeing how BT handled my reduction.

Nothing happened. So, I contacted BT using their help chat gadget on their website. After a few minutes the chat started and it turned out that I didn’t have the right package. My new helper, Shikha, said she would call me. She called and I eventually understood that I should disconnect the chat and someone else would call me back. This happened. A Yorkshire (I think that was the accent) lady began by taking my details and then tried to offer me a deal – she clearly regarded this as a sales opportunity.

She seemed surprised that I had heard of the £11.99 deal and wanted to sell me broadband – or anything. We ground to a halt when I admitted I had broadband on another line from Plusnet (a BT company). She said that prevented me from getting my “line saver” deal and that was the end of the conversation. I said that, had I not admitted the broadband existed they would not know. The Yorkshire lady said they would have found out. We parted company amicably.

From this I deduce that BT are not bending over backwards to implement the change, but they do seem to know about it.

I have complained formally to BT about the unavailability of the £11.99 rental to me. The next step will be their response. If they fail to agree that the fact that I am paying another BT company for another landline and broadband is irrelevant, then I will pursue the complaint through the formal procedures. It will be interesting to watch.

I wonder how many people have managed to get this deal. If you have, please let me know using the form below.

10/4/2018 A man from BT texted me saying he would phone, and he did phone me. He said that he had talked to the team and the position of BT was that if you have broadband in your house, even if it is on a different line, and from a different provider then you are not eligible for the £11.99 rate. I said that I did not agree with this and asked for a letter of deadlock. He said that he would go away and talk to his supervisor, who would call me between 4.00pm and 6.00pm tomorrow. It was all perfectly friendly and I am now waiting for the call.

This is a personal viewpoint article from David Hill, Chairman of Birchills Telecom.


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