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Customer satisfaction - The Results


We sent out a request for feedback via email to our customers in February 2016.  The request took the customers to this landing page where they were asked to complete a short questionnaire with space for comments.


We sent out a request for feedback via email to our customers in February 2016.  The request took the customers to this landing page

14% of the emails sent out were replied to. Thank you to all that replied - it has proved a very valuable exercise and we have taken on board the feedback. Although the results were good we are not complacent - we know that the only way to keep customers is with great service and we do really try.


96.7% of respondents were either satisfied or very satisfied with the service and 93.4% were satisfied or very satisfied with the support. The remaining responses were at an indifferent level - there were no dissatisfied or very dissatisfied responses.

We asked for ideas on how we could improve and our customers replied.

Surprisingly only one company wanted  us to make it cheaper. Requests for better billing information was top of the list of requests with more general information as a secondary request.

Again we were surprised that there were no requests for new services.

(We will be improving the transparency of the call cost billing in the next billing round)


The following quotes are used with permission - again thank you.

Nick Evans Extra Mile Communications "Generally, very good. The online interface is a cinch - really easy to use and friendly. Your support guys are very good and responsive. All told, a good service, thank you."

George Clapinski, Medical Assurance Bureau  "Spot on!! Just keep building on the current model."

Martin Joyce, Briere Financial Planning "It's great, easy to use and reasonably priced"

Martin Foster, Foster and Partners "As a phone service it does everything required. I particularly like the ability to look at the list of calls in and out if needed at any point in time. Helps pick up on missed calls where no messages are left."

Royce Parsons City of Chester Conservative Association "I am pleased to say we have not had need for much support once the system was installed and up and running. "

Denise Roberts Interflow Ltd "The phone service and support that we have received over the years from Birchills has been fabulous. Charles and Chris have been amazing at offering support when required. Dealing with Birchills is like dealing with friends; personal service, knowledgeable and friendly staff and that customer/supplier relationship that you don't get with much larger suppliers."


We found the entire exercise very useful. We do appreciate the time that our customers gave us.

Whilst it is great to know that the respondents are happy with the level of service we will never take anything for granted and we are working continually to improve and expand our service.

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