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Customer Satisfaction 2017 - The Results

Your feedback on our VoIP phone service is incredibly important to us. We always listen and act on the constructive ideas we get.
We sent out a request for feedback via email to our customers in April 2017.  The request took the customers to this landing page where they were asked to complete a short survey and provide feedback.
Thank you to all that replied -  although the results were good we are not complacent - we know that the only way to keep customers is with a great VoIP phone service and we do really try.


We asked how satisfied you were with Birchills Telecom?
You said -  100% of respondents were either satisfied or very satisfied with Birchills Telecom.

Some comments we had were:

Stuart Swann, Howard Town Brewery,
"Truthfully, I am not sure you could, aside from making it totally free which is unrealistic, unfair; as we all need to earn a living and therefore a rubbish suggestion!"

Nick Evans, Extra Mile Communications, "Just   keep doing what you are doing what you are doing."

Zoe Graves, Salter Demolition, "All my dealings with Birchills have been really straightforward and helpful. Thank you!"

All comments are used with permission.


We asked how satisfied you were with Birchills Technical Support?
You said -  100% of respondents were either satisfied or very satisfied with Birchills Telecom Technical Support.

Sam Bedworth, Gensuite Europe,  "Generally   very pleased with the service. Lots of options for a great price and love the   'extras' such as the Chrome app. Clearly you've thought about your offering.   Support is always fast but unfortunately we don't have the time to work with   them to resolve issues as much as we would like."

Andrew Simpson, COSAM Entertainment, "Just to   say we are very satisfied."


We asked for ideas on how we could improve and our customers replied.

We were surprised that only one company wanted us to make it cheaper. Requests for better manuals and guides were top of the requests.


Steve Collins, My Triathlon,  "Have mentioned we want to get a lot more from Birchills - we will be linking by API into our CRM."

Edward Oakley, Oakley Shee, "I think the fact that I must have sent to you at least 4 new punters over the last 2 years says it all."

We have responded individually to requests for particular hardware or software information or upgrades.


We found the whole exercise very useful. We do appreciate the time that our valued customers gave us.

Whilst it is great to know that the respondents are happy with the level of service, we will never take anything for granted and we are working continually to improve and expand our service.

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