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Do You Need Tech Support?

Business person sat by computer rack wondering if he needs tech support for VoIP
You might think that after shelling out £100’s for the latest, greatest VOIP service with the best handsets on the market that you’d at least get some after care from the company you brought from. Turns out this isn’t always the case

In a lot of instances the company just wants to bill you each month and pretty much leave you to your own devices.  You often get no actual hardware with a VOIP system and even if you do it’s usually extra. On top of all that, what do you actually need to do to get all the phones as well as your IVR’s and voicemail set up and working as you’d imagined. Then what happens when something goes wrong or you want to change how your system is set up?

So what to do?


The obvious answer is to turn to the company that sold you the service and get them to help set it up, right? Whilst this seems like it should be the answer, a lot of the time you will find you have trouble speaking to anyone with any real technical knowledge. Are you calling India today or is it Ireland? How much is this premium rate call costing.


If you’re salesman is like most of them he has pocketed his commission – thanks very much -  and is long gone. Sorry.  


The third  option is to take out a Technical Support plan with your provider. These vary a lot in price depending on how much of an engineer’s time you take up and even then you can be left with a bill depending on what needed fixing or what extras you have added into your system. We’ve seen these plans advertised for as much as £600 per year + VAT plus, these contracts usually only include support during business hours, so Monday-Friday 9-5. Anything outside those hours or, heaven forbid on a Friday afternoon or bank holiday and you’re looking at days. How much damage would even a weekend without a phone service, cause your business?


The fourth option is a journey of trial and error, where you can attempt to solve any problems yourself and learn along the way. For example, if you really want to know about session border control and how it impacts on your system there is some real good advice on Wikipedia here Or perhaps not.


How about  unlimited technical support to all our customers absolutely free of charge with our service - even the calls are free . We have a great team who are always available to help our customers with anything from even just a simple question to setting up and configuring a whole brand new system. They also deal with any of the very, very rare problems or outages in the service.

We’ve solved the problem of having to ring up, be put on hold and then transferred to the wrong department as well. Our technical support team have their own dedicated phone number and email address so you know you’re talking to someone who is able to help. They’re all based in Birmingham, not in an overseas office anywhere. They’re all real people who are experts at what they do. If you want to put a face to the name of the person on the other end of the phone, just go to our team page to see who you’re talking to.

Our technical team provide telephone and email support, VoIP troubleshooting as well as remote dial-in support and system monitoring. They’re there for our customers when needed and are always happy to help.

To contact them directly phone 01922 21 33 33 and select option 2
Or email them at


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