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How to Make Effective Conference Calls on VoIP Systems

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In today’s interconnected world, business people do less travelling and more conference calling. This saves the company they work for a great deal of cash in transport expenses, but it also presents new challenges in terms of fostering successful communication. In this post, we’re offering a few insider tips on how to make the most of your VoIP conference calls:

Practice Conference Calling with Your Teammates First
If this is the first time you have ever placed a conference call with a new set of software or hardware, be sure to practice first. Even if you’re using a straightforward setup like the type available with Birchills VoIP business phone systems, there’s still a moderate learning curve involved. Set up a practice conference call with your colleagues to make sure that you know how all of the features work before you launch into a real call with a client.

Ditch the Slideshow
PowerPoint-style presentations have their place, though it’s always worth asking yourself if a slideshow is really necessary for your conference call. Whether you’re operating on the phone or in person, clients tend to tune out when you read through text-heavy slides. Try to keep it fresh and polished, without having to rely on too much reading. And in the event that you do decide to show slides, don’t send them over ahead of time. You’re much more likely to hold their interest with a spontaneous presentation.

Ask for Frequent Feedback
One of the downsides to an on-the-phone conference is that you don’t have visual cues and can’t make eye contact. It’s more difficult to know when you are losing the attention of the person on the other line. To remedy this, keep your statements short and ask for frequent feedback to keep the other party engaged.  

Have a Backup Plan
This is important regardless of the type of meeting you have scheduled. You never know when your technology is going to fail you. Even if you’re using Birchills’ sophisticated VoIP systems, you could still end up losing your Internet connection or power source. Prepare for disaster by creating a presentation as a backup – something you can send over in the event that you lose your connection. And be sure that you have the mobile numbers of the people on the call so you can follow up in the case that something goes wrong.
Be Mindful of the Call Duration
The reality is that people have less patience for calls than they do for face-to-face meetings. With that in mind, attention spans are going to wane when all the person can hear is your voice. Set a limit on the length of your calls, and if you see that you’re getting less feedback from the group on the other end, then it’s probably time to wrap it up.             
If you’re looking for a sleek and well-integrated VoIP phone service that allows you to set up crystal-clear conference calls with your colleagues and clients, Birchills is the team to turn to. Contact us today to find out how we can help.  

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