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Fred And The Anywhere Office

Working with a VoIP service allows you to stay locked on to your office network wherever you go and whatever you do. It's a simpler, more cost effective way of working and most people prefer it as well. It's win win, unless, of course you enjoy the daily commute!


Once upon a time
And not so very far away
There lived a man called Fred
Fred worked in an office
Every day in the same place.
It cost lots of money to run the office and he was stuck there
He wasn't happy
Then he saw the Birchills Cloud Phone System
He could have his staff anywhere and they could work together as if they were in one place and it saved him a fortune
Now Fred is a happy man
Birchills Phone System for the anywhere office


OK – that’s the story but the reality is that the anywhere office is a getting more common every day. People are working at home in their own home office or  hot desking. About 15% of the UK Workforce  now work from home in the UK. People like it because they are more flexible. Employers like it because it saves money and increases efficiency. This win win situation is being driven ever more by improvements in technology especially VoIP.

The easiest way to keep using all of the office communications is to take your VoIP with you. Take it anywhere where you can get a wire to the Internet and you are good to go.

You appear as if you are still on your office network, as indeed you are. You can do everything you could do before – make calls, take calls, transfer calls and even chat to your colleagues. All the calls within your office network are generally free. You can even rely on colleagues to answer your calls if you get it set up properly. Just so you know, Birchills Telecom will do all of this configuration for free.

You may find yourself away from your nice VoIP phone – maybe you are in someone else’s office. Then you have 2 choices – you can use a softphone either on your laptop or your mobile or just use your mobile. If you use a softphone it is cheaper and more integrated. If you just use your mobile it is simpler but more expensive. Either way you can stay fully locked in to the office phone network.

You can save yourself money and time by becoming a more flexible worker. You are no longer chained to your desk or in the long commute back and forth to that office. It’s simply a better way of working.


A call to Birchills is all it takes to set it up. Just tell us what phones you want and we’ll configure them for you and send them out. Then just plug the phones in and you are up and running. You can even transfer your existing numbers. However you choose to set it up you can change it at any time for free and we’ll make any changes again for free.

Paula G 31/05/2016
I want to marry fred

45 Degrees 31/05/2016


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