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Grandstream DP720 Reviewed

We have always been great fans of Grandstream. In fact two of their corded VoIP phones the GXP1610 and GXP280 are our every day phones. But with Grandstream now on it's third iteration of a DECT phone we wondered if it had finally produced a winning handset.

Since it is still impossible to get machines to review without buying them we went and bought the Grandstream DP 720. It duly arrived in a branded box with some instructions. Then we realised that we had to buy the base separately and so we ordered the base (called the DP 750) which duly arrived. It was then a matter of unboxing and configuring the units. This is always more difficult with a DECT phone because not only do you need to configure the setup for VoIP you also have to pair the base station and handset. Things are not instant with pairing and you do have to be patient and persistent.

The DP750 base is a great looking unit with blue status lights on the top. It sits squarely and Grandstream seem to have really cracked the style and function of the unit. We carried out a distance test on the video. The distance claimed is 50 metres within a building. We struggled with this as you can see in the video above. However, in a day to day environment we don't think range will be a problem.

The system supports up to 5 handsets per base station and 10 accounts per base station.

The handset comes with a charging station which is flimsy but doesn't seem prone to tilting or falling over. It's adequate rather than class leading.

The handset has a great positive action unlike previous Grandstream attempts and is far better than the DP715 - the previous model. It is pleasantly curved and has a good - if not premium - feel to it. One nice touch is that it comes with a belt clip.

We have had problems with other Grandstream models where the sensitivity of the microphone fell off really rapidly making the handset almost unusable. We are pleased to report no such problems here. The microphone and speaker seem to capture and playback very well.

Because this is a 2 unit solution the screen on the handset is tiny. It is a 1.8 inch colour screen and displays the functions as best it can in such a package. It is always a problem with these devices that you cannot look at the screen and talk at the same time. Using a software package such as our Easydial+ where functions can be performed on your computer screen can help. However, transferring calls using the handset in common with all DECT handsets is a matter of typing in codes.

The units are priced above the competition by about £40 when the base and handset are added together. It is a premium that we would find hard to justify.

This is a good DECT solution which we would be happy to supply. Grandstream seem to have caught the competition up but they are not yet leading it. Charging a premium is probably not a sustainable strategy.

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