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It doesn’t matter what industry or sector your business is involved in. If you intend to make it profitable, then you have to master the art of selling.

There is simply no other way to convince potential clients and customers to send their hard-earned money your way rather than towards one of your competitors. But selling is far from easy. In fact, many people find themselves downright averse to it.

At Burchills, we’re accustomed to selling our VoIP Phone systems to our clients. Our product has an indisputable value, in that it can easily save an organisation money compared to what they’re used to paying for their traditional PBX phone system. Our services practically sell themselves, but we still have to put ourselves out there on a regular basis to find potential customers who are interested in our IP telephony systems.

Given that many of our clients use their VoIP phone systems to place sales calls and network their way to new opportunities, we thought we would share a few pointers on how to up your game when it comes to pursuing sales on the phone.

Here are a few sales call tips from the pros at Burchills:

Use a Professional Greeting
It’s easy to forget the formalities and simply launch straight into your sales pitch when you’ve got a potential customer on the line, but this isn’t likely to have the effect you hoped. Simply going for a more formal greeting, such as ‘Good afternoon, Mrs Smith’ (rather than a simple ‘Hello’) can increase your chances of having a more productive sales conversation.

Keep It Positive
There are several ways that you can work to keep your sales call more positive. Try to keep this in mind from the very beginning of the call, by making a positive comment about the weather, a recent event or anything else that you and the person on the other end might have in common.  

Focus on the Client
This is one of the most important elements of making a sale across any communication channel. Rather than focusing on your product or on your own initiative, try framing your sales pitch in terms of what it can do for the person you’re talking to. You’ll be amazed by how many more sales you’ll make as a result.

Always Follow Up
You’ve probably heard that you might have to knock on 100 doors in order to make one sale. But what you’re less likely to be told is that some doors need to be knocked on more than once. The same goes for sales calls. If you haven’t made a sale (and also haven’t received a flat-out rejection), let the person know that you’ll call them back in two to three weeks. Then place that call. It really does make a difference.

Do you have any killer tips for making sales over the phone? If so, let us know in the comment section below. And if you’re in the market for a better telephone system, contact Birchills today for more information about our VoIP business phone systems.


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