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How To Make Your Customer The Hero

Superman shows How To Make Your Customer The Hero

Your customer only cares about their products and their customers. So how do you persuade them to listen to what you have to say? Many marketers believe that the answer is to make them the hero of your story. Just how do you do this - and what did we do?


I read a piece from Hubspot, the inbound marketing company, which goes like this.

“A common mistake companies make in marketing efforts is positioning their company or product as the hero of the story. The harsh reality is that your customers don’t care about your company or products - they only care about how you’ll meet their needs.”

It then goes on to explain that you should make your customer the hero of your marketing efforts and to do that you should complete a thought questionnaire. So I did complete it, and came up with some answers which we are using in our campaigns.

We found the exercise challenging and rewarding. If you are brave enough we’d love to know what your answers would be.

a) What is your hero’s power? Something sets your hero apart from the supporting cast. They can do something unique that the others can’t. What do you help your customers do? What powers do you give that lifts them above their competition?
Birchills Answer: Our hero's power is the ability to communicate clearly any time.

b) How did your hero become ‘super’? Some superheroes are born, others get their powers from an extraordinary experience. In the story of your customer, there is a moment when they realised you were the answer they were looking for. Can you describe those moments?
Birchills Answer: The moment in our customer's story is when they nearly missed a deal because their phone was engaged.
c) What threatens your hero? All heroes have a weakness. A flaw creates drama and anticipation: will it be our hero’s undoing? Your customers have weaknesses too, they’re only human. What’s stopping them reaching their full potential and how will you get them there?
Birchills Answer: Our customer's weakness is that they have always done things them same way –  change is scary.

d) What drives your hero to do good? Superheroes gain their powers for a reason: to perform a greater good. They have an inner bell that chimes with your product or service. What is their driving force?
Birchills Answer: Our customers believe in their services and products. They want people to use and enjoy them.

e) Who’s the bad guy? A hero is only a hero if they have a villain to battle with. They stand for everything your hero fights against. So – what great wrong do you help people put right?  
Birchills Answer: Our customers battle with their competitors. There are no open spaces where there isn't intense competition, which sharpens everyone's wits and skills. For example, BT is sharpening our wits and skills as I write.


As a thought exercise we found this more useful than most and do try and keep the lessons in front of us as we try and focus on our customers' needs and requirements.


Our thanks to Hubspot for their article which is here:

David Hill
October 2016

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