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Brendan O’Carroll’s throwback sitcom about a foul-mouthed Irish “mammy” and her ever-bickering brood has been a huge hit with viewers since its debut in 2011. Despite constant attacks and lambasting by critics for its lowest-common-denominator formula, its continued popularity persists undimmed.  

We have a short sketch here that has everyone rolling about laughing. All we can say is enjoy!

5.0 out of 5 starsYou just may die laughing
By Donald Shackleford on 15 Nov. 2016
I laughed till I wet my knickers (as you would say)
This is the best television show in years. I laugh every time and I think my spleen has ruptured my bowels have emptied my ribs hurt and probably have separated and my bladder has emptied. I have heard you may die laughing but this is ridiculous.

5.0 out of 5 starsRoll on the floor funny!
By Tamara Basson on 28 Nov 2016
I am a big fan of Mrs Brown's Boys and I love all the characters in the TV series and Mrs Brown is my favourite, they should bring back the TV series back
5.0 out o
f 5 starsFive Stars
By Georgio on 07 Dec 2016
This is just brilliant, as usual hilarious sketch from Brendan O'carroll.


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