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Date 24 January 2016
Contact David Hill, Birchills Telecom
Launch Of Vtech Phone Systems Packages

Phone Systems For People Who Move Away From Their Desk At Work
Birchills Telecom has introduced a new series of  Vtech phones and devices. They provide unrivalled levels of connectivity with their emphasis on DECT.  The new phones are fully integrated with the Birchills PBX/Portal but with their unique embedded cordless technologies they add a new level of convenience to users. They allow users to communicate from a desk SIP phone or a DECT SIP phone and change between them at will.
The packages are aimed at people who have to move away from their desk at work. Users who need to walk and talk to customers at the same time will benefit greatly. Birchills anticipates high levels of demand from retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. For instance, in a warehouse a supervisor can physically check the level of stock whilst still talking to the customer.
The phones together give customers an entire suite of matching communication devices allowing the whole of the company premises from reception to Directors offices to be provided with the latest technology at the level of prestige that is appropriate.
There are packages for 3, 5 and 10 users which can be bought online, instantly. The packages include everything for an office phone system including high specification desktop phones, unlimited free calls and all of the power features that big business uses.
Other features that the Birchills plaform integrates include, call transfer and recording, voice menus and comprehensive voice mail. Birchills has launched these packages as it continues to work to simplify the whole process of buying and owning a phone system and service.
Chairman, David Hill commented, "Buying and owning a phone system for people who move around whilst they work has traditionally been a difficult process. Getting the balance right between desk phones and cordless ones has been tricky. Now there is no need to compromise. Users can answer calls on a desk phone and effortlessly transfer to a cordless phone and back again. People get the power and ease of use of the desk phone plus the portability of the cordless phone.

All the users and configurations get all of the power of the phone system with no add ons. It’s all there for users on day one – configured just how they want it. This is a major breakthrough in  useability with clients no longer having to choose between DECT and desk phones. Add this to the savings made over a traditional system and these can easily pay for the cost of the system."

Each Birchills phone service package includes:

·        High end IP Phones ready programmed delivered to the customer
·        Unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles
·        Professional voice messages and music
·        All of the power features including call transfer and recording, call queues, voice mail.
·        UK phone numbers
·        Transfer in existing telephone numbers
·         On hold messages and music
The whole system is administered through the Birchills on line PBX and Portal which allows customers to see a real time view of the systems and the calls being made. The PBX and Portal has been designed to make the processes as simple as possible. For added flexibility there are no long term contracts. Customers are not tied in for any fixed term.

For further information please visit the Vtech Systems Page here


Note To Editors
Birchills Telecom based in Walsall was founded in 2009. It provides VoIP telephone systems and services to over 1,000 SME customers in the UK. It focuses on simplifying the process of buying and operating powerful office web based phone systems and services. Birchills is at the forefront of VoIP technology deploying and operating the latest systems and services in the real world.
It allows customers to talk directly to the experts on the systems, rather than call centres. Birchills aims to make it’s systems and services simple, affordable and reliable so that customers can improve their communications.
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