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Panasonic KX_TES824

The Panasonic KX-TES824 telephone system is sold as an advanced , hybrid PBX system. It is said to cost effectively support all personal and business communication needs. We wanted to know how it stacked up feature for feature against the leading VoIP solution from Birchills Telecom – The Birchills Cloud PBX


The Panasonic is a PBX aimed at SME's and small companies. It is typically sold by small telephone resellers, who purchase the sytem on demand from a wholesaler.
The equipment will require a power supply and incoming telephone lines to function. It will also require a dedicated area to house the equipment. There will be an annual maintenance charge for the installation of around 10% of the cost. Upgrading or changing the system will require you to call in the telephone reseller. You will not be able to mix and match this equipment with that of another supplier.

The Birchills Telecom solution is an open solution which means that you can change to other providers without scrapping all your hardware. An open system allows you to choose from a vast array of IP handsets. There are no maintenance fees with Birchills Telecom. Birchills Telecom gives you free calls to branches.

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