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Scam Alert 0843 Text

Scamsters are now texting people purporting to be Barclays and asking them to phone a premium 0843 number to verify £800 expenditure on their card. The text is plausible. It says that the 0843 is a free to call number. It is not!!


Barclays say on their website:-
“How do I know a text message asking me to confirm a transaction is from Barclays?
We'll send you a fraud alert by text message if we need to check a suspicious transaction and have a valid UK mobile number for you. You can respond by text to let us know if it’s you making the transaction or to report fraud if you don’t recognise it.
Our alerts will detail the transaction and will ask you to reply only Y or N. They won’t ask for any personal details or security information, and you should never respond to any text asking for this.
We’ll never call you to tell you how to respond to a fraud alert text message. “

This does rather open the door for this particular scam. If Barclays were to give some indication of the fact that a text really was from them it might help. For instance if they quoted some more details of your card – so for instance the 1st and last digit. However to ask a bank to be helpful is rather like asking ice cream not to melt.


Barclays is to split into two banks – one for big business which in theory can fail – and one for small people and business that can’t. Large business will lose the Government protection. The cost of this split is going  to be astronomical and guess who will pay?
However the main point is that this is going to create a wave of new emails and texts as businesses have to inform their customers of their new bank account details. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that this will become a spammers paradise as they mail out false bank details to all and sundry. Our advice is always to verify all such messages by phoning the company directly and talking to a real verified person before you accept the change of bank account details.

Take care, it’s dangerous out there.

Purple Rain  17/11/2017
If they actually worked for a living these scam morons would save us all a lot of hassle and trouble.

Thinkingman 54 17/11/2017
As I've pointed out many time before Ofcom can just close the numbers down - end of one problem.


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