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UK VoIP Providers 2018

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If you are thinking about a shiny new phone system, just where can you start? Choosing hosted VoIP has to be the right choice – but which provider. Wouldn’t it be great if some one listed all the major providers with some basic facts so that you had somewhere to start?  And then - maybe -  gave some ideas on the questions you could ask. So that is what we have done.

At this point I should declare an interest, as we actually are a provider of such a service. Birchills Telecom has been providing cloud based VoIP solutions to business customers for nearly 8 years and have customers all over the globe. We offer a friendly service with no long contracts as well as free hardware to our customers.


Note: ITSPA Member means membership of the ITSPA  trade organisation which sets industry standards and procedures
We have tried to make the information as accurate as possible - but if there are any errors please let us know and we will correct them as soon as we can.


These are our most popular downloads ever. The whitepapers have now been downloaded over 20,000 times.  
We hope that posing these questions to any potential supplier will help you make your mind up.
We don't just ask the questions though, we supply the answers as another download.
And there are no forms to fill in - just click the image below - or click here.
And here is our booklet giving our answers. Again, click below or click here


An always up to date system

Hosted VoIP provides business customers with a leading edge phone system whilst eliminating the cost of upgrading. The latest features are added automatically for customers to take advantage of.


Systems can be expanded as your company grows. Extensions or “seats” can be added as you go meaning you only pay for exactly what you used in any particular month.

Reduce the cost of phone lines

“Voice over Internet Protocol is a category of hardware and software that enables people to use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls by sending voice data in packets using IP rather than by traditional circuit transmissions of the PSTN.”
This in turn means you can stop paying for several different phone lines as all your calls would travel via IP and all your numbers can be stored in the cloud. This means your traditional phone lines can go, bar any that have additional services such as broadband on them.

Reduce call costs

Saving on calls is an obvious one that often gets overlooked. It may not be the only reason to consider a VoIP system, although it can make a huge difference to the overheads of the business. This is even more true if you have several users in several offices all hitting the phones or even offices or suppliers abroad. The savings can add up to be quite substantial.

Work from anywhere

VoIP improves productivity and enables workers to communicate from whatever location they’re in. The freedom of a VoIP system should not be underestimated as it not only improves productivity it can also help slash costs.
For example, If a typical business allowed employees to work from home just half the time, they would save, on average, $11,000 per year (That’s over £8800 for those of us in the UK)
The telecommuters themselves could save between $2,000 and $7,000 a year (that’s a whopping £1600-£5600) and that’s working from home for only half the time. (credit:

Connecting Teleworkers

Having a VoIP system allows easy integration of teleworkers into the phone system using their own broadband connection. The customer need never know that an employee is not physically in the office and can still reach them through the main business number, a switchboard or an employees DDI.

Cut response times

Improve communications with regular customers, clients or suppliers by providing them with VoIP phones that they can use to contact your business directly and for free. This in turn improves relationships and can make customers and suppliers feel more involved as well as valued.


With a traditional telephony system, every time your company wanted to move, add, or change a telephone connection, it costs money. With VoIP it doesn’t. Hosted VoIP usually allows access to a user portal of some kind. As your system is cloud based and its voice signals are carried over your business LAN so you can administer the changes yourself, instantly.

Phone numbers

Unlike a traditional system, you can take your phone numbers with you, wherever you go. Whether you’re just working from home or the other side of the world, if your moving offices or simply get up to make a coffee your number can follow. This is because the system is not dependent upon your geographic location and means you’ll never miss a call again.

To see what else VoIP can do check out this blog


There are some great VoIP companies out there and at Birchills, we welcome their competition. It drives us to do more, offer more and charge less. We also make a huge effort to be a more friendly kind of phone company. We don’t have overseas call centres or untrained operatives answering our phones. You will always come through to an expert who knows the system and is happy to answer any questions. We will explain and go through things with any caller no matter what their level of experience with VoIP; from beginners who’ve simply heard of VoIP but don’t have a great knowledge  to IT teams who deal with these systems on a daily basis.

At Birchills we want you to feel like you can ask us anything no matter how small. Our customer’s happiness is our main concern. You can check out the results of our recent satisfaction survey to see how we’re getting on here

All Birchills Telecom's server arrays are multiple redundant and fail over seamlessly. They are in secure data centres in the UK with both intruder and fire prevention systems. They are continuously monitored and maintained. We have never had a server hardware failure. Birchills Telecom's redundant infrastructure is controlled by support personnel ready to solve issues. There is a 24/7/365 response by trained engineers to any possible network outage. Our platform is all built and maintained in house by our talented and knowledgeable tech support team. We have a target service availability of 99.99% which we exceed regularly.

Birchills are always competitive. We recently did a price comparison against  VoIP products from BT.  We were over 70% cheaper over the first 12 months than the BT solutions. Check them out here & and download the detailed comparisons.

So the features are sorted. What about the rest? Well when customers sign up to us they pay nothing up front. That’s because we include everything they’ll need for free. So, we configure the phones for free, set up the account and system for free, port any numbers for free, post and pack the phones for free and provide all the support for free. The great bit is, we even supply the basic phones for free. No rental, no lease, they’re yours for nothing when you join us. And if you do want an upgraded phone, we discount them so you don’t miss out on the savings. You can literally have a new phone system without paying a penny. Not many VoIP providers can do that.

And this is the part you’d expect us to say sign up for 2,3 or even 5 years right? Well no. We do everything on a rolling 30 day contract. If for any reason you don’t like us, you can leave at any point. Our customers stay with us because they want to, not because they have to.

So free setup, free phones and no contract? Where’s the catch? Is it in the monthly charge then? Ummm no, Our pricing structure is simple and competitive. We charge £10 per month per user plus any outgoing calls. Much cheaper than some of the companies above. Simple eh? Or if you want unlimited UK landline and mobile calls simply add another £10 per month per user and that’s it. Nothing hidden.

We think it’s one of the best deals around and it is proving very popular with our customers. Why not join them and see what you think?


We've designed this guide to be as useful as possible. But we may have missed some companies or we may be able to add some more ideas. We'd love to know how you got on with any of the companies that we've listed. So it would be really great if you could leave us a comment below. Thanks


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