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When you think about the Christmas period do you see problems with communication everywhere? Struggling with strikes, bad communication and illness. Flexible, remote working with hosted VoIP could well be your answer. We provide a simple guide to the great things that hosted VoIP can do to make your life easier and your communications more professional.


Are your people enjoying themselves too much?
We all know that Christmas is the time that people stay at home – a lot. They have annoying things called holidays and when they are done with those they fall sick and have hangovers. Add to that the Southern Rail Strikes and the Post Office strike and you know that communications are going to get sticky. That means it’s hell for the brave souls who make it in to the office .


Can your people work from home as easily as from the office?
VoIP allows your people  to work easily at home or anywhere else with an internet connection. They can make phone calls, access your emails and calendars and talk to everyone still left in the office for free - for as long as they like. And the good news is that they can't spill coffee all over the floor.


You seem bigger and more professional
Hosted VoIP is a  useful tool for any time of year for businesses, but it’s especially good for the festive period when your people aren't in. You can alter the way your system works  so that calls will only go to the phones of staff that are in the office or better those people who are at home. Customers still get a great service and no one will know.
You won't miss that "Let's Do Business in 2018" call
If you are waiting for that important phone call but don’t want the caller to speak to anyone else, you can route your calls to your mobile, and let the low priority calls go to voicemail. It's a great way to prioritise and get on with the important stuff.
Your people can answer your office phone where it suits them
When your staff want to work from home for the last week of December then they  can still answer by simply unplugging the phone and taking it home. Then when they return they can plug it back into the office network. It's simpler than rerouting the calls to a mobile or landline.

Christmas messages - put some fun back
Why not put a great Christmas message on your system - either telling your customers of your opening hours or thank them for their business. You can always combine it with a Christmas tune - or two. Just don't break anyones copyright or you'll have a hefty bill to pay.
Voice Menu - IVR (Interactive Voice Response) - Auto Attendant
No one knows what to call an IVR - it's  the system that provides the  message "Press 1 for sales - Press 2 for accounts "-  or you could say IVR is an automated menu that lets customers select options with their keypad. You can use your IVR to allow sales calls to come through whilst accounts calls, are passed to voicemail. This is great when your sales staff are busy, busy but accounts need a few more days to recover.

Is that all?
VoIP offers you  total flexibility to work however you want and wherever you want. So, if you can dream up better ways to work then VoIP can make it happen. More than that, in a world where technology is advancing at huge speed, it improves and adapts, working alongside new technologies as they develop. Oh, and it saves you money too, with free calls within network, low call costs outside and very low cost hardware.
Is there still time before Christmas?
If you sign up with Birchills today, you could have your shiny new system in place before the big day. Contact us to find out how VoIP can make your business more streamlined and responsive to its clients.

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