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You Can Work Anywhere With Our VoIP Phone Service

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Take Your Calling Capability On The Road With A VoIP Telephone Service

Today’s generation is more entrepreneurially minded than previous ones. That’s according to a survey released by Bentley University (and published here by Forbes). This survey uncovered many interesting traits about the up-and-coming generation and cast light on the specific set of challenges they are likely to face over the course of their careers.

Here are a few key takeaways from the survey:

• A striking 77 per cent of respondents said that flexible working hours were needed to boost their productivity.
• 37 per cent said that they would like to work on their own (rather than managing teams, presumably).
• A mere 13 per cent expressed interest in climbing the corporate ladder to become an executive or CEO.
• Two-thirds stated starting their own business as a career goal.

These statistics stand in stark contrast to the career goals of previous generations. And at Birchills, we’ve been on the front lines of these tidal shifts for some time now. You see, we’re increasingly being approached by young, business-minded professionals who are interested in a VoIP phone system for their small business. They’re looking for a more flexible calling solution, and the services we supply provide them with precisely what they need.  

Take Your Calling Capability on the Road with a VoIP Telephone Service

One of the reasons that our products are so well-suited for young entrepreneurs is that it allows you to work anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you go – you can take your phone system with you. This level of flexibility is extremely useful to professionals who aren’t working in a traditional nine-to-five office.

With Birchills, you can set up a private branch exchange (PBX), which is essentially a private telephone network that your business has access to. Your PBX comes with many features, one of which is to let your phone calls follow you. When a call enters your exchange, you decide where it rings:

• On your office phone system
• On your home phone
• On your mobile phone

This means that you can travel and chase down leads as required without worrying about missing out on any important phone calls. Your clients and customers dial a single number, and the phone rings wherever you are. This incredible service is available at no extra charge.

Entrepreneurs Can Stay Connected with a VoIP System from Birchills

The ability to reroute your phone calls is only one of many ways that our VoIP phone systems make life easier for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. For example, you can also control what happens to incoming phone calls when you are not around to answer.

With a VoIP system from Birchills, you can establish time-based rules, which determine whether a call goes to voicemail or is transferred to another line at certain hours. You can also record calls to save the information in them for later, or set up a call queue, so that incoming calls can be directed to wait until you’re ready to speak with the caller.

If you’re ready to ramp up your entrepreneurial efforts with a cost-efficient VoIP business phone system from Birchills, contact us now to get started.


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