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£990 Value Phone Systems For Free
Yes you can have it all - a professional phone system
including unlimited free calls and free hardware.


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What Can VoIP Do For Your Business? Have you heard that VoIP can do some really great things? Like setting you free from the big guys. Do you really want your business in the hands of BT or Vodafone or Microsoft. Do you really want them listening in to your conversations They’ll all charge you a lot and worse tie you down for a long time. They’ve all got great up front offers but when that time is over the one or two or 5 year contract ties you down. Wouldn’t you like to call the shots – to have VoIP give you the freedom to communicate wherever or whenever you want. That’s the big promise of VoIP to have it your way – talk to your customers in the most powerful way whenever is good. Schedule calls Make calls Transfer calls Record calls Put calls in a queue And anything and everything else you might want
What happens next?
Once we have received your order we will contact you to confirm the details with you. We may also need additional documents if you are wishing to port an existing number. The documents can be downloaded from the "Thank You" page at the end of your order. Once everything is confirmed we will configure the system and
send any hardware to you. Without a number port we can usually despatch hardware on the next working day.

Key information about our charges

Calls within our network are free, anywhere in the world.
Charges for directory enquiry services vary depending on service provider.
All prices quoted on this website are exclusive of VAT.

*Unlimited Calls
All calls to UK geographic landline numbers, national rate numbers and 0800 numbers plus all calls to main mobile networks, EE, Vodafone and O2 are included.
Calls to premium rate numbers, foreign numbers and other mobile numbers are chargeable and will be billed monthly.

Fair Use Policy
Birchills Telecom’s policy towards Fair Usage is that customers should be able to use the service in an appropriate manner to meet their reasonable business needs. This includes calling both mobiles and landlines, as required but does not include premium rate (including 0845 numbers) or foreign numbers.
We do not think that it is fair usage if a Customer drives automated traffic through our network, for example, with power dialling or by automating traffic from a landline to mobiles via our network.
We also do not think it fair usage if a Customer resells or redistributes our service to other parties.
If a Customer’s usage is continually unfair, or is not consistent with the usage we would typically expect, we reserve the right to change customers to a metered package more suited for their usage.
In extreme cases we may suspend or terminate the Customer’s ability to access Birchills Telecom's service.


We only succeed through our customers which is why we actively seek contact and feedback.
We do take action when we get comments. So whether it's good or bad news, please contact us.

01922 21 33 33

200 Rookery Lane, Walsall, WS9 8NP

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