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We always seek to behave both honestly and ethically and accept our wider role in society.

We want to make a positive impact which improves the lives of others and does not damage the environment.

We take responsibility for creating wider benefits both within and around our business.

Through investing in our training and development of employees we continue to employ people who are committed to our philosophy.

We continue to work to provide a safe and healthy environment for our staff and customers.


1. We will continue to look at reducing the impact we have on the environment as a result of our operations

2. We recognise that people are our most valuable asset and their performance is the key to the quality of service we provide.

3. We are fully committed to adding value to the communities within which we work.

4. Being a good neighbour means we actively interact with community groups and support educational initiatives.

5. We foster local business relationships through our purchasing policy

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We only succeed through our customers which is why we actively seek contact and feedback.
We do take action when we get comments. So whether it's good or bad news, please contact us.

01922 21 33 33



200 Rookery Lane, Walsall, WS9 8NP

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