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Birchills is conscious of it's effect on the environment.
We try to minimise this impact in all the products we sell and in the way we work.
Clearly, aggregating the computing needs of multiple companies reduces power consumption overall.
It certainly reduces the power bill that each individual company pays and overall reduces the carbon footprint.
We estimate that every server we replace with a cloud based system saves 1,500 kwh of energy per year.
To improve things further Birchills Telecom uses only the latest most energy efficient servers within state of the art Internet Centres.
Oh, and because our phones systems work without switching on your computer there is even more energy saving.


The more you use telephone systems the less you get in your car and travel. So telecommuting is carbon footprint reducing. On average it seems that a car uses about .5 kwh (kilowatt hours) per mile travelled. So if you save, say, 1000 miles by not travelling you save 500 kwh. Of course this also saves cost for your business.


A key feature of the Birchills Telecom business phone service is the fact that our phones work wherever you are. This means that there is no longer a requirement to travel into the office just to make a phone call. As long as you have a broadband connection, you're good to go.

Cloud based telephone systems are more energy efficient than running a local phone server. Local servers only work with one company, and this means an awful lot of the time they are left switched on, but doing very little. With the cloud based solution they work more efficiently over the cycle.


Birchills Telecom is a lean service. We do not employ lots of fat cat executives, who operate from large buildings in the centre of cities. We operate from a single building in the town centre. This means our energy footprint is clearly lower than those of our competitors.

We have a strict environmental policy, which means that where ever we can we recycle everything.
Our literature and marketing materials are primarily web-based so that we don't use paper.
Where we use paper we try to ensure that is recycled. Where we use electronic optical media we try to ensure that these are recyclable.
We travel as little as possible.
Employees work from home, whenever possible.
Photo of green fan shaped leaves sprouting from a bush


Birchills Telecom recognises that its activities impact upon the environment at local, regional and global levels.
We acknowledge a responsibility for the protection of the environment, and of the health and safety of our employees and the wider community.

Birchills Telecom is committed to:
1. Promoting and protecting the preservation of the environment, and minimising the environmental impact of its activities upon the local, regional and global environments both through its actions and through its influence on others
2. Conserving natural resources and minimising all avoidable waste and pollution in order to contribute to a sustainable and healthy future for all.
3. Reducing the use of non renewable fuels to improve energy efficiency and replacing these with renewable energy sources
4. Avoiding the unnecessary use of hazardous materials and processes
5. Using effective waste management and recycling procedures whilst using recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible

We Will

1. Educate and train staff in environmental matters as appropriate
2. Progressively reduce the amount waste generated
3. Market products, which create minimum environmental damage and use our purchasing influence to promote production of such products
4. Ensure that all public communications are true and unambiguous
5. Respect the interests of neighbours and the world community
6. Review our policies in an ongoing manner at regular intervals
7. Work with suppliers and sub-contractors to improve their environmental performance
8. Where appropriate, consult with the local community on environmental issues


We only succeed through our customers which is why we actively seek contact and feedback.
We do take action when we get comments. So, whether it's good or bad news, please contact us.
We promise to never pass your information on to any other parties.
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