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Testimonials - Birchills Telecom

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Read what our customers say about us. If you want to write a testimonial about Birchills Telecom either use the form at the bottom of this page or head over to Trust Pilot and leave your review there, we'd love to hear from you.

Mark Gill, Presteen Ltd writes:
We found Birchills Telecom when we were looking for a new telephone system, I was amazed at the amount of free features I would receive. The features help to make my company look more professional and help me to stay on top of my business even when I am out the office. The decision to move to Birchills Telecom was easy to make and I recommend them to anyone that is interested.

Anna Goodwin, Anna Goodwin Accountancy writes:
I have been meaning to move from Virgin for years and finally did it last month. I approached Birchills Telecom and they sorted everything out - even coming out to check the connectivity when I first started. Also I know they are at the end of the phone for any computer problems I have. The comfort I feel from having them there is fantastic - I just wish I'd saved myself a lot of stress and done it years ago!

Brett Christian, Circuit Specialist Europe Ltd writes:
The problems with our old system were high call costs and expensive features. Birchills Telecom helped us with flexibility due to being able to take the handset anywhere in the world whilst still paying standard call costs and have free features. We made great cost savings on the cost of calls, using the free features and being able to have fax to e-mail. The free features helped make the whole process more seamless and makes a small company look more professional

Roger Truman Smith, RTSW Architects writes:
Id known about VOIP for a while but it seemed quite complicated and it felt like it was for the IT generation more than me. However, after deciding to leave my current supplier everyone recommended a VOIP service. So I checked it out and the more I looked the more I was right in my assumption that it wasn’t for me. Then I stumbled across Birchills who seemed to explain things in words I could understand. They really helped me understand the service and once I did I realised that it really was what I needed. It made my company look professional to my customers, took no time to set up and once it was I could just leave it alone and it just worked. The call quality is great too and now I couldn't be without it.

Paul Watts, Norfolk IT Recruitment writes:
Norfolk IT Recruitment was looking for a flexible, highly scalable and cost effective telephone system, which was easy to install and was supported by easily accessible support engineers. The company was using BT, but found that similar packages were four times the price of the system that Birchills Telecom offered. The costs mounted up as features and handsets were additional. Also, as a busy company we needed the reassurance that any questions could be answered quickly, without having to wait in automated call queues.

Luke Sharp, Adastra writes:
Glad I used you as it has been easy to get help when we didn't understand the system in the early days. Very willing to talk us through our dilemmas until we got it.

Rob Moore, The Design Co writes:
I’m really happy with my new phone system. The option to forward to my mobile and having options menu on the phone system have really taken my business to the next level. I noticed straight away the quality of the calls when talking to clients. No longer am I having to deal with crackly lines, crystal clear!

Nick Evans, Extra Mile Communication writes:
Thanks - great service at a good price

Denise Roberts, Interflow UK writes:
The phone service and support that we have received over the years from Birchills has been fabulous. They have been amazing.

Andrew Rabin, Indigo Home and Office Limited writes:
You guys have made my life a lot easier. I have 3 numbers into one system and it works exactly as I need it to.

Nicola Bidde, JIB Towbars writes:
Fantastic Customer Service - Very Pleased

Chris Onslow, Mbodies Training Academy writes:
I looked carefully into a BT VOIP option before choosing Birchills and have had small hard wired telephone systems for my businesses previously. The ease of programming, speed of response to technical calls (rather than waiting on hold for BT for tens of minutes) and the lack of need for physical infrastructure make me wish that our broadband speed had allowed us to become VOIP customers with Birchills earlier than we did. I absolutely love the ability to take a handset with me when travelling to places and to be able to plug into the router there and be on the office system!

Fiona Welsh, QFRS writes:
Friendly professional knowledgeable and very available at a very competitive cost. Wherever I am quality is excellent.

Andy Petit, Runrec Limited writes:
Service is excellent

Zoe Graves, Salter Demolition writes:
I have only had positive, helpful experiences with Birchills from the very limited number of times I have had to make contact - as I haven't had any issues!

Lee Vann, Vannquish Creative writes:
Great service and extremely good value for money.


We only succeed through our customers which is why we actively seek contact and feedback.
We do take action when we get comments. So, whether it's good or bad news, please contact us.
We promise to never pass your information on to any other parties.
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