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Read what our customers say about us. If you want to write a testimonial about Birchills Telecom using our customer feedback form we'd love to hear from you.

Caroline Whittock, Managing Director Identidot Ltd, writes

“While we wanted to maintain our excellent customer service, we also felt it was time to seek an upgrade as we'd been using the same system for the past 12 years. Concerned about conserving costs, I contacted a few suppliers and was really impressed by how reasonable Birchills Telecom is in comparison to other brands, even after installing an upgraded communications system.”

“We've been using Birchills Telecom for the last nine months,” says Caroline. “As our service is an internet-based system combining shared resources, software and information, we can access work anywhere. Whether we're at home or out and about, we are fully-integrated with the office. Birchills Telecom's communications system is easy-to-use and flexible, providing fast broadband that allows us to utilise services quickly and reliably. This means no matter where we are in the UK, we can always access our work and get back to customers as soon as possible, which is important to those who have had valuables stolen.”

"If we run into problems, Birchills Telecom's team of consultants are just a phone call away, to answer questions and give us solutions that work. Time is money, and a company's bottom line is important when considering upgrades and technology, so we haven't looked back since transferring. I would definitely recommend Birchills Telecom to anyone seeking a customer-friendly, cost effective communications solution for their business."

“Birchills Telecom's VoIP solution has proven a real success as it instantly offered us additional business telephone features and halved our monthly telephone bills. When we transferred to Birchills Telecom, dedicated VoIP replaced our traditional small business telephone system without us having to pay out on PBX hardware or handsets.”


Mick Davies Managing Director Mad Computer Solutions Ltd writes:

"As a customer support company we are liaising with clients on a regular basis so our call charges were extremely high. We wanted a VoIP package with low cost calls and free calls within the network. Birchills Telecom provided us with everything we wanted and a hands free system, call costs are also reduced. They provide us with a great value for money phone system.

We are interested in investigating how the system may be optimally deployed and integrating the phone system with others. This means that our configuration changes from day to day as we explore the full flexibility and power of the systems."


Sophie Bullock, Proprietor, B Solutions, writes:

"I work as an independent surveyor from home and to ensure my clients were able to come straight through to my office it was imperative that I had a second line. I also believed it would look far more professional to have a land line office number displayed on my website and business cards. I met Birchills Telecom and their service package fitted completely in with my situation.

They have a very competitive line rental cost, call charges and some excellent phone system features such as ‘follow me’. This enables all calls to ring out to me on my mobile as well as in the office. As a surveyor this is ingenious for when I’m out of the office on site; I never have to miss a clients call again. The client care that Birchills Telecom provide is excellent, there is always someone available to help with my enquiries and the team go above and beyond my expectations to solve any problem I may have. More than I can say for most national telephone communication providers I have in the past dealt with..."


Glennys David, General Manager of Breathing Space Ltd, writes:

“Birchills Telecom were already our supplier of telephone services and phone systems in our existing premises. We had been using them to provide conventional telephone services at a price which was half of that which BT charged previously.

So when we heard about the plans they fitted in perfectly with our move into our new premises. There was no need to find space to put a PBX and no need to find the money either. When we moved in our new phone systems were simply sitting on the desks with their groovy blue displays waiting to work. We chose to have new telephone numbers because they were more memorable but we could have simply transferred our old numbers and extensions. Currently we have 7 extensions working with users who simply don’t realise that they are using the latest technology. It is refreshing to find a system that just works how you want it from day one, reliably and without fuss.

I certainly made the right choice when I selected this solution and would recommend it to any one who wants an easier life."


Mike Lee, Managing Director of Bringing Enterprise to Life plc writes:

“Bringing Enterprise to Life plc is the first and only national enterprise training company. Focusing on training for enterprise we deliver a range of accredited and bespoke training to individuals and organisations from all sectors. Good, effective and targeted communication systems are vital to our operations.

We needed a company that could respond reliably to our telephony needs as they develop. Because there is no capital cost involved in their solution there was no time wasted evaluating alternatives and because the system can develop and change at no cost to ourselves there was really no alternative. We specified our needs on Monday and by the following Monday the system was working from scratch in a new building!

I feel somewhat let down that I haven’t had the usual arguments and discussions about problems. The system just works and you can’t say fairer than that. There really isn’t any choice between choosing a conventional telephony supplier and Birchills Telecom. Birchills Telecom just gave me no capital costs and lower running costs - simple.!

I would recommend their system to any business."


Mark Gill, Managing Director, Presteen Ltd writes:

"Presteen Associates, offers legal support services to solicitors, whilst also carrying on the business of enquiry agents. When Mark and his staff moved to Walsall he took the opportunity to adopt an innovative approach to phone systems, he installed the Birchills Telecom internet based phone system. Not that it needed much installing it was plug and use. We found Birchills Telecom when we were looking for a new telephone system, I was amazed at the amount of free features I would receive. The features help to make my company look more professional and help me to stay on top of my business even when I am out the office. The decision to move to Birchills Telecom was easy to make and I recommend them to anyone that is interested".


Richard Evans, Managing Director, RGE Solutions writes:

“RGE Solutions Ltd provides a range of cost effective solutions in respect of employment law and business services. They provide advice and for small and medium sized companies with employment law issues that arise.

We wanted a cheap and efficient way of dealing with incoming and outgoing calls; we had had high call costs and wanted extra features. Birchills Telecom helped reduce calls by 50%, we received a host of free features that can be used to assist in a smooth operation of the business. The system was easy to set up with no technical knowledge required."


Anna Goodwin, Proprietor, Anna Goodwin Accountancy writes:

“Anna Goodwin Accountancy prides itself on providing an efficient and reliable accountancy service. In order to do this the service provided needs to be excellent. The business has been in existence for five years and has grown considerably in that time. I have been meaning to move from Virgin for years and finally did it last month.

I approached Birchills Telecom and they sorted everything out - even coming out to check the connectivity when I first started. Also I know they are at the end of the phone for any computer problems I have. The comfort I feel from having them there is fantastic - I just wish I'd saved myself a lot of stress and done it years ago!"


Brett Christian Managing Director Circuit Specialist Europe Ltd writes:

”Circuit Specialist Europe is an online retail company specialising in electronic products.

"The problems with our old system were high call costs and expensive features. Birchills Telecom helped us with flexibility due to being able to take the handset anywhere in the world whilst still paying standard call costs and have free features. We made great cost savings on the cost of calls, using the free features and being able to have fax to e-mail. The free features helped make the whole process more seamless and makes a small company look more professional"


Siobhan Megan Duffy, Owner, Love To be writes:

"Love 2 be offers a special range of electrical hair products for the professional industry. When we took on the Birchills Telecom phone system we were a brand new company looking for an exclusive line to run the business at home, they provided us with the complete business system with no capital costs. They provided us with a free phone, free switchboard and free business features. Birchills Telecom are always very helpful and I would recommend them to anyone. We saved on a new phone line and call costs. They provided us with great value for money and if there is a problem we can pick up the phone and speak to someone straight away.”


Pauletter Megans, Owner, Megans PR writes:

“PR is a demanding profession to be in. Our customers need news stories to go out to meet deadlines but just as important is our ability to talk to the journalists when they want to take their own angle on the news.

I’d never used a VOIP phone before but as my business was growing so were my costs and it seemed the more I grew the more I paid, the more unreliable my service became. Even just to get a new employee a phone set up was a challenge. I did a quick google search one afternoon and found Birchills and I’ve never looked back. Now when I hire a new colleague I can just drop them an email and the next day the phone arrives, ready to go, even if the new staff member isn’t."


Roger Truman Smith, Partner, RTSW Architects writes:

“We are a long established firm of Architects based in London. We specialise in small scale and domestic renovations and new builds. We believe that attention to detail is a key differentiator when looking for new customers.

I’d known about VOIP for a while but it seemed quite complicated and it felt like it was for the “IT generation more than me. However, after deciding to leave my current supplier everyone recommended a VOIP service. So I checked it out and the more I looked the more I was right in my assumption that it wasn’t for me. Then I stumbled across Birchills who seemed to explain things in words I could understand. They really helped me understand the service and once I did I realised that it really was what I needed. It made my company look professional to my customers, took no time to set up and once it was I could just leave it alone and it just worked. The call quality is great too and now I couldn’t be without it.”


Jason Linsey Managing Director Forward Vision Business writes:

“Forward Vision Business Services provide creative service graphic, web PowerPoint presentation article writing for blogs, e-zines and newsletters.

We heard Birchills Telecom were offering amazing deals with great phone handsets, a free number and free features. We took them up on this offer and we really liked the service and the complete package. The features are free and the call costs are low. I have now cancelled my existing provider and signed up to Birchills Telecom. I would recommend their product to anyone. If I am away from my office I can set the follow me feature to ring my office line ad my mobile any time by logging onto the switchboard. It is reassuring to know I can answer all my incoming calls where ever I am."


Paulk Balfour Managing Director H & P Energy Assessments writes:

“H & P Energy Assessments assess domestic and commercial companies and produce energy performance certificates.

We were a new company with a low budget and wanted a low cost business system without having to pay for business features and handset. Birchills Telecom provided me with exactly what I wanted. The installation was so easy and I didn't have to pay someone just t come out and install it for me. The savings on line rental alone help reduce call costs."


Alex Lancashire Managing Director Solvi Ltd writes:

"Ordered my phone on Monday, received at 10am on Tuesday, plugged it in and it works! No complicated logins or web settings, It sits on my desk and works like it should do. Great service and a great competitive product. I now have crystal clear calls no echo or bleeps, and I can take my number anywhere with no hassle whatsoever - just plug the phone into my new office or hotel room and IT WORKS. Brilliant! VOIP as it should be, I thoroughly recommend Birchills Telecom to anyone with a small business who want to keep their telephony under their own control. Brilliant!"


Paul Watts, Owner, Norfolk IT Recruitment writes:

“Norfolk IT Recruitment was looking for a flexible, highly scalable and cost effective telephone system, which was easy to install and was supported by easily accessible support engineers.

The company was using BT, but found that similar packages were four times the price of the system that Birchills Telecom offered. The costs mounted up as features and handsets were additional. Also, as a busy company we needed the reassurance that any questions could be answered quickly, without having to wait in automated call queues.”


Lorne Smith, MD at Unecom IT Ltd, writes:

"Our existing system was due for renewal and, after our expansion last year, we had staff based in offices across the UK. I conducted some research to find suitable business phone systems that could offer us multi-location communications with a high call quality, without the hefty price tag. I was overwhelmed by the alternatives now available.

The choice was between expensive corporate solutions from companies like BT and Virgin and the many companies reselling these solutions. Thankfully, I soon found Birchills Telecom Ltd and the wide range of affordable business phone systems offered by this relatively new company. I chose Birchills Telecom over the other providers because I was so impressed by their business model and, in addition, the hosted PBX solution they offered me worked in conjunction with our existing mobile phones so we wouldn’t have to purchase new ones

. As if that wasn’t reason enough to select Birchills Telecom, their package also came without the capital expenditure so often needed when purchasing a new business phones system.

On becoming Unecom IT Ltd, the company needed a new communication system to enable the growing team to speak to each other from multiple locations, at a low cost and the ability to transfer calls easily. "


Jenna Callard, Partner, Callard Accountancy writes:

“My accountancy practice was founded to allow me to work closely with the companies I knew but without the overheads imposed by the large practices. My customers are driven by value for money in everything they do.

The Birchills service really works for my business. I can go in and set up diverts to my mobile when I’m not in the office or work from home if I feel like it. It has freed me from being tied to my desk so now I can go and see clients at short notice instead of booking them in weeks in advance. I can take my system anywhere I want, and I often do. I even managed to take a day trip with the kids because I knew I wouldn’t miss any vital calls. I love this service.”


Ishmel Mahmood, Managing Director, Instant IT Systems writes:

“Instant IT systems is a small company based in Shropshire. We specialise in IT associated with farming and agriculture. Our customers need to ensure that their machines continue to work when they need them.

I decided to go with Birchills having been let down and continually messed about by my previous provider. There were a few things that needed sorting in terms of our fax machine and internet lines but their support team were really fantastic. There was no waiting on hold to be put through to the wrong department and when they said they’d do something, they actually did it. It’s really nice to be able to speak to the same people each time you ring them as well so you don’t need to explain the problem to six different people. They got me up and running and even let me keep my old number which all my customers use. “


Anna-Maria Palfi, IT And Communications Manager Dark Sheet Metals writes:

“When we looked at various hardware solutions, the cost effectiveness of cloud-based systems far outweighed any hardware packages that are currently available. We finally decided upon Birchills Telecom because of the simplicity and ‘switchboard in the sky’ option it offers.

We needed a system that was flexible enough to change rapidly with our business needs,” comments Anna-Maria. “Birchills Telecom’s cloud-based service has proven to do everything that a conventional hardware switchboard would do, but with the added advantage of being easily managed from anywhere by any of our staff via the Internet. We use our phones across different office locations and despite being in another area, the connection between our offices is seamless, with calls transferred directly from extension to extension without anyone ever realising we are based at two different sites.

I would definitely recommend Birchills Telecom to any company looking for cost effective communications solutions as their service is very self-contained and easy to manage. In addition, Birchills’ support team is on hand to help with any problems that might arise, without fuss. Thanks to our new communications system from Birchills Telecom, we have been able to take that leap of faith into using a cloud-based service, and it has paid off.”


John Freddricks, Owner Freddricks Soft Drinks, writes:

“We are a soft drinks distributor concentrating on specialist outlets such as farm shops.

When I was setting up my business I didn’t want to have to worry about my phone service on top of everything else. That’s why Birchills simple message of an easy to use, plug and play phone system stood out. It was set up and working within two days, allowing me to concentrate on taking orders and getting them delivered to our customers needs. The flexibility of the service has been one of the constituents in allowing the business to thrive in these challenging times."


Emma Jenkinson, Owner, Virtual Office Services, writes:

“My business is all about carrying out the routine secretarial work that small businesses need doing. Because I can specialise in the documentation I can save my customers time and effort. Over the years most of them have become more friends than client

I felt I needed a separate business number to my home number. It looked a bit unprofessional when my 5 year old answered the phone to a customer. I went with Birchills as they sent me a phone (that the children know not to answer) and gave me a proper dedicated business number that I could give to my customers. It was just what I wanted and it was so easy and cheap to do."


Daniel Moody, Managing Director, Alpha Logistics (UK) Ltd, writes:

“Alpha Logistics is dedicated to ensuring that fragile and valuable items are delivered with care and consideration. We ensure that computers when delivered are still computers, not a pile of components.

When I decided I wanted to open a second office I decided to ditch the traditional phone system and get a VOIP service instead so I could manage both sites from one place and pay one bill. I also learned that if an employee was not at their normal site they could take their extension to the second site and I’d be able to contact them as I normally would. No more waiting for people to get back to me on things, or being out of the office and unavailable. I know I can always get hold of my employees now and the best part is, so can all my customers. It all adds up to making it easier to get goods where they need to be – safely and reliably.”


James Goode, Owner, Goode Financial Services, writes:

“As an IFA it is crucial that our customers can trust us and a great deal of that is about being able to talk to me as when they want to. If the markets are crashing then we certainly don’t want our phone service to be crashing as well.

So when I was looking for my new phone service I wanted a phone service that would make a really good impression on my customers. Birchills provided it. I can set it up however I like and my customers all get a smooth easy call and get directed to the right places immediately. The system also allows me to record my calls which is a very important feature to have. I’ve honestly never had any trouble with this service and it suits my needs to a tee.”


We only succeed through our customers which is why we actively seek contact and feedback.
We do take action when we get comments. So whether it's good or bad news, please contact us.

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