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Vtech VSP716A

A small black plastic SIP phone with greyscale display, receiver and 2 illuminated BLF
Vtech VSP716A

The VTech VSP716A ErisTerminal entry level SIP deskpset is a cost effective, easy to use system with many essential features required for business use. Featuring 2 SIP accounts, PoE support, HD audio, 2 programmable keys and dual Ethernet ports, the VSP716A enables users to easily manage calls. Plus, with a 3 year warranty, users benefit from the added peace of mind that their hardware comes with an industry-leading cover.


• HD voice quality
• Power over Ethernet (PoE)(AC adapter optional)
Dual Ethernet ports
• 2 dual-function feature keys
• Three-year warranty
• 2 SIP lines/accounts

This simple user guide to the Vtech VSP716A explains all the great power features and how to use them.
A white magazine cover with a Vtech logo to the top. The title sits above a black outline of the VSP716A SIP deskset phone




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