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What is VoIP? - 29/10/10


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is the protocol that all modern phone systems use.

Parliament to Fine Silent Companies £2 Million - 26/10/10

david hill, chairman, cloud net

It is good to know that the new parliament is rushing to defend civil liberties by allowing massive fines to be levied on the evil companies that who threaten our very existence by making silent phone calls. It is only right that such an outrage is treated with the utmost severity of the law. A £2 million limit on the fine is barely adequate to compensate for all the disruption and heartache caused.

Radio 4's Steve Punt On Answering Systems 22/10/2010

David Hill, Chairman, Cloud Net

The automated answering system or as the people into acronyms call it - the IVR is here to stay. We all hate it as users and convince ourselves as business people that it is OK for other people. The radio 4 program "You and Yours" did a retrospective on telephone systems which included this piece from Steve Punt which we felt was spot on the money.

Daisy Group - On The Money? - 18/10/10

David Hill Chairman Cloud Net

Paul Hill writes a share tipping column in Money Week where he chooses each week a Gamble of The Week. This week it was Daisy Group. Daisy group provides business phone systems.

BT’s Week Response to Dead Phone Lines - 18/10/10 and 22/10/10

bt response

I know we have had some problems with our network in the past couple of weeks and I would like to apologise for them and assure all our loyal customers that our staff worked very diligently to solve them.

Reducing The Price of Telephone Systems - 14/10/10


Cloud Net's latest video blog highlights the cost saving benefits of adopting a Cloud Net business phone system.

130 years in the UK telecoms industry – major milestones - 11/10/10

old school switchboard


Are you worried about moving to VoIP? - 07/10/10

Danielle Cochrane Cloud NetWhen I first started working at Cloud Net, I must admit I had never heard of VoIP, I have never been very technical and thought it would take me a long time to understand what it was all about. Surprisingly I managed to understand how it works pretty easily and you really don’t have to be a technical boffin to understand it.

What I have learnt is when VoIP first came out in 1998 it was not very reliable and lots of people experienced problems such as intermittent calls. Now over 10 years on it is still going strong and technology has improved better than ever. What’s more Cloud Net provide QoS broadband which basically means this guarantees the quality of service as the voice is always prioritised over the data and the data is not affected in any way either. When moving to VoIP you do need to consider using a business premium broadband with good speeds to guarantee the call quality.

Video Blog - Never miss a call again - 5/10/10


Cloud Net's Chairman David Hill explains how our telephone systems can help you to keep you on top of your business telephone calls.

The history of office life in the UK – 1960s to 2010s

JT Switchboard 770x540


Beware Skype look alike Spam - 01/10/10

David Hill Chairman Cloud Net

The latest spam to hit the tubes reads

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