Birchills Features

Birchills telecoms gives you that professional edge without the expense or long-term commitment of traditional landline systems. It’s a totally flexible, VoIP phone system that ensures you'll be able to have all the features you need.

IVR menu

Interactive voice response, also known as a voice menu, or an auto-attendant ensures that customers can connect with the right department.

Incoming numbers

Whether it's a local UK number or a non-geographical number you're after, we've got access to numbers from all over the world.

Call queue

Calls can be queued until you’re ready to take the call. You’ll be able to set maximum wait times and get calls transferred if customers are waiting too long.

Call recording

Don't worry about missing any key details on a call. Calls are recorded and stored on the user portal to be played back if you need to listen to them.

Ring groups

Away from the office or on another call? Don’t worry, you can set ring groups to call on multiple phones or cascade from one to the next.


Get set up with an extension that will be connected to a mobile app, handset or softphone and be able to answer calls immediately.

Other features

Voicemail to email

Can’t get to the phone? That’s alright, get your voicemail emailed to you instead.

Caller display

Who’s calling me? See who it is before you answer.

Music on hold

90s dance? 80s pop? 70s disco? Choose music to play when your customers are waiting for you to answer or when they’re on hold.

Live call reports

How long was that call? Find out using up-to-the-minute call reports and search by number, cost, duration or date.

Time-based routing

Out to lunch or busy driving? Set up custom time intervals to link with other features such as call forwarding.

Call forwarding

Always on the move? Get your calls forwarded to a mobile, landline or another extension on your Birchills Phone system.

Call blocking

We want you to have more time to spend on your business and not fielding unwanted sales calls. Call blocking lets you block, or divert to voicemail, any call using caller ID.

Company phone book

Share your contacts easily within your team and assign speed dials to the people you talk to most often. When someone in your phone book calls, their name will appear automatically on your handset or screen.

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Birchills Managing Apps

Birchills has a range of apps available to allow users to get the very most out of their phone service. From reviewing call recordings to making calls at the station we have an app to suit almost every situation.

PBX Manager

This is a Cloud-based system so there is no need for an on-site PBX. Our PBX Manager gives you all of the power features you can think of with no extra charges.

SMS controller

SMS Controller is an app which allows you to send, receive and schedule SMS text messages directly from your browser using your existing office phone systems.

Soar Free

Soar Free is a mobile app from Birchills allowing teams to collaborate wherever they are. It can take calls, make calls, transfer calls and record calls as if you were in your office.

Easy Dial +

We are proud to offer Birchills EasyDial+ - a browser extension for Chrome. Dial any number on your screen and much, much more.


Birchills Communicator allows you to make and receive calls directly from within your web browser, without the need for any additional browser plugins, addons, or downloads.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics gives you the ability to dig into the data behind your business phone system. You can use our pre-built charts, or build your own dashboards to meet your needs.