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The best ways to make calls with Birchills

Make calls using a softphone app

A softphone is a piece of software that allows the user to make telephone calls over the Internet. They have the great advantage of being much cheaper than a desk phone and there are even some decent free ones out there. They allow instant connection so are great for getting up and running quickly.


Windows- this link will take you directly to the softphone installation code  – 3CX
Mac -this link will take you to the Apple Mac Appstore – Telephone

Android and Apple – Softphone app

Looking to buy some hardware for your team?

We have a full range of phones from Grandstream, Gigaset and Polycom, including DECT. We’ll be happy to pre-configure your phone so all you have to do is plug it in and start making calls. Birchills also distributes SIP headsets from leading providers to work with the phones we stock. Find the right VoIP headset for your calling needs easily and choose from a range of corded, DECT and Bluetooth headsets from trusted brands like VXI and Vtech.

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I’m really happy with my new phone system. The option to forward to my mobile and having options menu on the phone system have really taken my business to the next level. I noticed straight away the quality of the calls when talking to clients. No longer am I having to deal with crackly lines, crystal clear!

Rob MooreThe Design Co