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5G Phones - What's Happening

5G is happening real soon now - so what are phone manufacturers doing and when can we expect their shiny new gadgets? Will 5G really give you a more awesome experience?
David Hill | 17/9/2018

Why Is Vodafone Unloved?

Vodafone's share price is at a 5 year low and headed downward. They have just pulled off a great deal with Liberty Global. They are profitable and well run so why does no one like them?
David Hill | 6/9/2018

Ofcom To End 070 Rip-Off

For too long 070 numbers have been the preserve of fraudsters and rip-off merchants. At long last Ofcom proposes to act - in a years time!
David Hill | 31/8/2018

Walk 1000 Miles In 1000 Hours - Ultimate PR

The challenge is to walk 1000 miles in 1000 hours with only 1 mile each and every hour that passes. No one believed it could be done. Millions were wagered but in 1809 Capatin Barclay achieved this superhuman feat - after 42 days.
David Hill | 30/8/2018
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