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At Birchills Telecomms we strive to provide the best customer service we can. We don’t believe in stupid questions, or any question is too small to be answered by one of our lovely employees.


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Birchills FAQ

How do I use Birchills Telecom?

In a nutshell, simply plug your phone into your broadband router or switch and begin making calls! Our service utilises Voice Over IP (VOIP) which means that your calls are sent as digitised packets over the internet. Our system will automatically configure your compatible handset(s) with all the settings it needs to connect to your switchboard in the sky – no need to manually enter the settings for each phone

Do you sell handsets?

Yes – head over to our hardware store to find the handset thats right for you.

Can I keep my existing phone numbers?

Absolutely. Plus, once your numbers have been transferred to our system, you are no longer restricted to a particular location. If you move, your numbers move with you.

What if my broadband is down?

If your broadband service goes down you will not be able to make or receive calls, including 999 emergency calls. We recommend that you have an alternative way of making phone calls, such as a mobile. In the event that this happens you can either take your phones to a different location such as your home and carry on working or you can request a call divert to mobile phones operative immediately.

Managing Your Account

How do I manage my account?

Our easy to use portal allows each extension to be managed and ou can change anything. Most people prefer us to do it though and a quick email or phone call to us and we’ll make the changes for you.

How quickly can I add extensions?

Extensions can be added or removed instantly and can be ready to use straight away. However you will probably want a new handset and that will be sent to you by courier as soon as possible – usually next day.

How do I cancel my account?

We never want to see customers go, but we understand it happens. Just let us know you want to close the account and we’ll do it for you.