What is a VoIP Phone System?

A VoIP (voice over IP) phone system is a cloud-based system which uses the internet to help make and receive calls. Unlike traditional landline systems, you don’t have to worry about installation as all it takes it simply plugging your phone in and start making calls.

Why choose a VoIP Phone System?

VoIP phone systems let you take calls wherever you are, so you don’t need to be tied to a desk, allowing your team to work remotely when they need to. They are also significantly cheaper than traditional landlines meaning you can be saving a lot of money.

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Why choose Birchills?

Tired of having to deal with the setup of your VoIP phone system? We want to make your life easier by taking away all the stress you might have with your VoIP phone system.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on having amazing customer service, if anything goes wrong with your service we’ll be here to help you get it back on track.

Discounted Hardware

We want to help you as much as possible, so we offer a range of discounted hardware to get you set up, we'll even make sure they're configured correctly for you.

Range of Phone Numbers

We have 1000s of numbers for you to pick from. You can choose from local phone numbers across the UK or non-geographical numbers.

No Contracts

All Birchills systems are sold with flexible monthly rolling contracts. Our customers stay because they want to, not because they have to.

Free in-Depth Analytics

Keep on top of all calls made in and out of the business. From simply checking call costs to fully customisable call boards our in-depth analytics can do it all.

Over 1000 customers

Our customer base is constantly growing, with over 1000 customers who are happy with the service they receive.

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IVR menu

Interactive voice response, also known as a voice menu, or an auto-attendant ensures that customers can connect with the right department.

Call queue

Calls can be queued until you’re ready to take the call. You’ll be able to set maximum wait times and get calls transferred if customers are waiting too long.

Ring group

Away from the office or on another call? Don’t worry, you can set ring groups to call on multiple phones or cascade from one to the next.

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