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How To Set Up A Business Phone System

Posted by Birchills Telecom on 23-Apr-2015 12:06:36

Check out our video which shows just how easy it is to install a business phone system.

  • Tell us how you want it to work.
  • Your business class IP phones arrive preconfigured
  • You plug them into your broadband or network
  • And it all works – (but if you do get any problems our legendary UK support is there to help forever)




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In this hyperconnected world why not just talk?

Posted by David Hill on 22-Apr-2015 14:40:20

We’ve gone from interconnected to hyperconnected.  It’s changing everything everywhere. We are all living and feeling it. You can visit my office or my home in hyperspace and check my CV and who I went to school with and my work colleagues.  I get notified when you do it and watch your trail as you seek advantage. Wouldn’t it just be easier if you gave me a call? 01922 21 33 33.




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Insider Guide to BT Local Business

Posted by David Hill on 21-Apr-2015 16:15:36

BT Local Business is a group of franchised limited companies who sell BT products and service to SME’s with less than 50 people. BT have an internal directly employed management team under General Manager, Ricky Ricketts, who administer the overall process.

The structure was set up in 2002 and has gradually developed. At one point there were some 80 franchisees which has now reduced to the current 45 franchises covering the entire country. BT are somewhat coy about naming the companies so we have placed a list here.

The franchisees are allocated a geographic area through an exclusive licence with BT. The licence specifies the area covered, the performance levels, use of the BT Brand and remuneration Typically the licence lasts for 3 years. Although it is apparent that they are usually renewed. The remuneration package is a mixture of incentive payments and performance based commission.

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Comparing The Grandstream GXP2130 and The Polycom Soundpoint IP650

Posted by David Hill on 20-Apr-2015 17:50:00

Both the Polycom Soundpoint IP65 and The Grandstream GXP2130 phones are above the entry point for IP phones and are often described as enterprise phones. So how well do they stack up against each other?

Polycom believe in collaboration between people and the technology behind it. Their slogan is “unleash the power of human collaboration”. So they believe their phones are devices to enable collaboration – whatever that means.

On the other hand Grandstream believe that they make IP devices and especially phones. So they believe their phones are phones. The good point is that since they think they are just phones they price them as phones.



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Gigaset A510H Vs A540H

Posted by David Hill on 19-Apr-2015 11:00:08

We mourn for the loss of the Gigaset A510H and welcome it’s slimmer doppelganger the Gigaset A540H but kind of wonder why they bothered.

The Gigaset A510H entry level cordless handset has gone end of life. The Gigaset A510H has been the main DECT VoIP phone we have offered for some time and it has been a great phone. We tested it’s predecessor against the equivalent Grandstream phone – here and found it superior.

Once current UK stocks of the A510H are exhausted there are no more. But don't panic.


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4 Things That VoIP Can Do But A Mobile Can't

Posted by David Hill on 17-Apr-2015 12:17:16

Mobile is a great technology but it can’t do everything. VoIP is much better at some things – and it doesn’t come with long contracts and high bills. So what can VoIP do for your business apart from save you money?

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Talk Talk Business Report Reveals No Hunger For Technology

Posted by Birchills Telecom on 03-Jun-2013 17:08:00

Geared for Growth is a joint research project between TalkTalk Business and economia examining the key factors that both help and hinder company growth.

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Unified Communications - Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber, Avaya Flare or Pick and Mix

Posted by Birchills Telecom on 02-May-2013 14:23:00

There has been a long held view promoted by large American companies that what business wants is a Unified Communications (UC) Solution. They have long though that we all need to communicate through one central portal (the one they are selling) and this will liberate us all.  Is this a vision that we can adopt - are we all the U in UC now?

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Outbound Vs Inbound Marketing

Posted by Birchills Telecom on 29-Apr-2013 16:16:00

Marketing used to be about making sales in any way possible. Whatever it took was OK. But consumers and clients have moved on - they don't want to be interrupted, they want everything to be available only when they want it. Inbound marketiing meets that need.

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BYOD, The Virtual Office and VoIP

Posted by Birchills Telecom on 26-Apr-2013 08:38:00

The virtual office is beginning to take over as the new way to work with trends such as bring your own device (BYOD) and new cloud based technologies, as well as the ever present need to drive down costs. 

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Topics: hosted voip, BYOD, Virtual Office