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Ideas for Alternative Work Space Autumn 2018 - The Communications Blog - Birchills Telecom

Ideas for Alternative Work Space Autumn 2018 - The Communications Blog - Birchills Telecom

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Ideas for Alternative Work Space Autumn 2018

Birchills Telecom
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Now that summer is coming to an end many people’s thoughts are turning to new and innovative ways of working.
Alternative work spaces keep on popping up everywhere, here are some of our top suggestions.

Serviced Offices
The big providers of serviced offices are traditionally been Regus. They have over 300 office bases across the UK and many more abroad. Typically, they have very nice receptions and modern, but small offices. The offices start from about £150 a month for a one desk office. You pay more for a window. They also have lots of other rental plans and ideas.

The phenomenon hitting London and maybe the rest of the UK eventually is WeWork. The scale of WeWork’s ambitions for young millennials is limitless. They claim to offer, beautiful, collaborative workspaces. They say that you “Get the space, community, and services you need to make a life, not just a living.”  They claim offer free beer free coffee free games rooms meeting rooms that almost anything. The only snag is the price which seems to be astronomic.

In between these two giants comes the Office Group which has 41 buildings across London Bristol and Leeds are claims to house up to 15,000 businesses.

There are many independent serviced office providers including our company which provides offices at 34 Green Lane. We have many competitors in the local locality. Many local companies can offer more flexible terms, better access and crucially sometimes car parking.

It's important if you are looking for serviced offices to make sure that your expectations of price are reasonable. You are not going to get a six person office with all facilities and free coffee for £100 a month. It's just not going to happen.

Online there are many serviced office brokers the largest of which seems to be Office Broker. They will introduce you to serviced offices and work with you to try and get a deal. Bear in mind of course that they charge the office provider a percentage of the rent and they will try to pass that along.

Hot Desking
If you can't afford your own dedicated office, then it is often possible to hot desk. The large serviced office people and other independents offer this service. This means That you rent a desk when you want it. Some plans are simply turn up and grab a desk if it’s free and others involve booking your time in advance via the web. You can expect to pay around £100 a month for the service but WeWork seem to think that £450 is a better sum.

More quirky places in London are getting in on the act – with some Cafes and pubs now offering spaces for as low as £35 a month. Pub by night – office by day is the idea.

Coffee Shops, Pubs
More and more people are simply turning up at a table, plugging in and working – after buying the obligatory latte or smooth white. If privacy is important then this may not be the best solution

There are many business friendly bars in hotels across the UK. The din of the constant chat can be deafening but deals are made, handshakes are exchanged, and business is done over very expensive coffee and biscuits. Don’t even think of ordering sandwiches unless you are loaded.

Most hotels have meeting rooms of various sizes available to rent for business meetings and away days with great catering. Cost can be modest or astronomical. Ibis and Premier Inn both offer deals nationwide.

Home Office
If you have the space you can build a home office. If you dedicate a space then you can offset the cost against the tax you pay as expenses. Which for many, makes it the perfect solution.

Universities, Colleges
Many universities and colleges have shared working spaces with various packages. Our local College in Walsall, for example, bundles a desk and advice from £125.00 per month.

Public Libraries
There are desk spaces for free in most libraries and books to help with research.

Go For A Walk
The long time favourite of spies is the park bench where privacy is assured – just keep those pesky pigeons away.

Soar Free
Wherever you go, whatever you decide you need a great business phone service which is as flexible as you and will grow as your business grows. Soar Free from Birchills Telecom is that service.

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