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What Price A Mobile Inch? - The Communications Blog - Birchills Telecom

What Price A Mobile Inch? - The Communications Blog - Birchills Telecom

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What Price A Mobile Inch?

Birchills Telecom
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Mobile phones are getting bigger and mobile makers profits are getting bigger. It’s like a small tea at Starbucks is £1.70 and for the same amount of tea with just more water you get a large tea at £2.00 - that's 30p for a shot of water - a snip!

So lets look at Samsung:
Samsung Galaxy 9 5.8 inches £739
Samsung Galaxy 9+ £6.4 inches £869
Cost per inch £216.66

How about Google Pixel 2 – before the recent price crash?
Google Pixel 2 5 inches £629
Google Pixel XL 2 6 inches £799
Cost per inch £170.00

Then there is always the fruity one - Apple iPhone8
Apple iPhone 8 4.7 inches £699
Apple iPhone 8plus 5.5 inches £799
Cost per inch £125.00

So, the bombshell is that Apple’s extra inches are 42% less expensive than Samsung.

But when Samsung is really going for it, is with its folding phone with a rumoured 7.4 inch display due in 2019 and a rumoured $2000 or £2,000 price point. The cost per inch is then going to be an eye watering £1,131 for your extra inch.

Compared to the cost of adding an inch to any of your appendages under the surgeon's knife this represents great value for money but compared to almost anything else, probably not.

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