Frequently Asked Questions - Birchills Telecom

Frequently Asked Questions - Birchills Telecom

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This is a list of the questions that we are most often asked.
If you can't find what you want here, please give us a call.

How do I use Birchills Telecom?
In a nutshell, simply plug your phone into your broadband router or switch and begin making calls! Our service utilises Voice Over IP (VOIP) which means that your calls are sent as digitised packets over the internet. Our system will automatically configure your compatible handset(s) with all the settings it needs to connect to your switchboard in the sky - no need to manually enter the settings for each phone

Can you provide handsets?

Is the Birchills system easy to install?
Yes - your unique system is already pre-configured when you get it. Simply plug yor phone into your broadband.

How do I make changes to the system?
Our easy to use portal allows each extension to be managed and ou can change anything. Most people prefer us to do it though and a quick email or phone call to us and we'll make the change

How quickly can I add extensions?
Extensions can be added or removed instantly and can be ready to use straight away. However you will probably want a new handset and that will be sent to you by courier as soon as possible - usually next day.

Is the quality of calls lower with VoIP than traditional calls?
Not at all - in fact in most cases the call quality using VoIP is better than a normal analogue line. If you want to hear the quality for yourself, feel free to call us on 0800 5200 887 as we use it ourselves.

Why can't I simply use Skype to make cheap calls?
It really depends on how often you use the service and if you want any features (e.g caller ID) on your telephone. They are both easy to install, provide low cost of calling but after that differences appear. Whereas Skype's voice quality is okay these days, ours is excellent. This is important for businesses because poor quality means frustrated clients which won't enhance your reputation. Skype also relies on pre-paid billing which isn't exactly the preferred method for businesses to operate. Furthermore, it is simply not suitable for companies with more than just a handful of staff and particularly for multi-site operations requiring advanced switchboard functionality.

Can I keep my existing phone numbers?
Absolutely. Plus, once your numbers have been transferred to our system, you are no longer restricted to a particular location. If you move, your numbers move with you.

Can I use my computer while I'm on the phone?
Yes, you can talk on the phone and surf the Internet at any time.

What equipment do I need?
It depends on your existing broadband and network setup. However most people just need our phones, the switchboard is in the Internet.

So, what plugs into what and where?
Instead of plugging your phone into a telephone socket on the wall you connect it into your network or computer's router.

Does my computer need to be on?

Will I need to change my broadband provider?

Do the people that call me have to have broadband?

What if my broadband is down?
If your broadband service goes down you will not be able to make or receive calls, including 999 emergency calls. We recommend that you have an alternative way of making phone calls, such as a mobile. In the event that this happens you can either take your phones to a different location such as your home and carry on working or you can request a call divert to mobile phones operative immediately.

What about 999 calls?
You can call all emergency public services for free using your Birchills systems. If your broadband connection goes down you will not be to make any out going calls including calls to emergency services. We recommend that you have an alternative method of calling such as a mobile.

What about dialling codes?
Because the Birchills system isn't connected to the physical phone line, you can choose a dialling code from any area, regardless of your location.

Can I take my Birchills system with me if I move?

Can I call other companies who use other VoIP services?

What about calls to mobile or premium numbers?
Just like any telephone service, you will have to pay the cost of these calls. Our rates are very competitive.

What calls are free?
In addition to the usual freephone numbers, all calls within our network are totally free of charge.

What about voice mail, call waiting, etc.?
These along with many other cool features are all included in the Birchills Telecom offering, at no extra cost.

What about technical help and other customer service?
We offer full technical support within office hours. For emergencies, we provide an out-of-hours support service with 24/7 service.

Are there any cancellation fees?

Can I divert calls to a mobile and what will it cost?
Yes you can divert calls to a mobile, the cost will be the same as if you had originated the mobile call.

Can I divert mobile calls to Birchills Telecom?
Yes - you will need to program this using your mobile network supplier.

The deal seems too good - how do you guys make money?
We are delivering a genuinely better system at an amazing price point made possible by internet based technology and a lean infrastructure which drives down our costs.

Where are all the hidden charges?
There simply aren't any. We don't charge for added features. We don't have exotic call charge plans.

What about unified communications?
Unified communications is the integration of telephony and data systems. The Birchills system is a unified communications system!

Does Birchills work with soft phones?

Does Birchills work in overseas locations?
Yes - but we are only able to bill UK companies. Many of our users take their phones with them on business trips and holidays. Other users have foreign subsidiaries that they can talk to indefinitely, for free


We only succeed through our customers which is why we actively seek contact and feedback.
We do take action when we get comments. So, whether it's good or bad news, please contact us.
We promise to never pass your information on to any other parties.
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