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With the Birchills Telecom system you break free from all old fashioned restraints.
All phone numbers are available, world-wide, for you to use, connect, divert and cancel on demand.
Select any available UK telephone number here.

Birchills can also provide foreign numbers. These can be used to appear local, almost anywhere in the world. To read more or get an international number click here.


0800 numbers are free to ring for the caller, you pay for the call.
If you feel this could benefit your business we are able to provide these numbers, simply get in touch.


Have your 07 number hosted by Birchills and answer it on your mobile, desk phone, tablet or PC. Truly integrate your 07 number(s) with your business system without the need for call forwarding or additional softphones or apps.
If you are looking to get an 07 number then simply get in touch and see if we can help, or to find out more click here.


If you have some telephone numbers that you want to keep, then you can port them into our system. Find out all about porting your number here.
The process often takes a couple of weeks but we can set up a call divert so you can start immediately.


Select the area below and you can see a list of available phone numbers in that area.
And remember you can choose numbers from anywhere.


Some organisations spend thousands of pounds getting a memorable phone number. They do this because memorable landline number shows that you are a professional company and lets your customers know that you’re local to them. It also says that you’ve thought about the cost of the call to the customer. Overall it makes it a lot easier for your customers to contact you and that means more sales.

Improving your inbound call handling
Giving your employees DDI or direct dial numbers means customers can get through to the correct person straight away. It gives the impression that your business is friendly and cares about helping your customers which can n speed up transactions and negotiations and leave your customer feeling more satisfied with your service.

Improving your outbound contact
With a modern VoIP phone service you can display any number you have to a customer when you call them.  This means that you can choose what your customer knows when you call them. You can display your representatives personal number (their DDI) or you company number or maybe even hide the number you are calling from. This can help you look local, friendly and efficient.
Choose Your Business Phone Numbers Now

Improve how you work
With a modern business phone service you can have your telephone number answered anywhere across the globe. You can choose where the call is answered based on time or your workload.

For instance, you can offer 24 hour support by having, say, 3 support centres based in 3 continents. Callers will talk to staff who are in their usual work periods and so are more alert and are not being paid premium rates. If you switch call handling based on the levels of activity then if your centre in, say, Birmingham is busy then you could direct your calls to your Edinburgh office.

Improve how you advertise
Why not set up a different response number for hotlines, competitions or different adverts? You can set up automated responses or message boxes on separate numbers. Callers can hear messages specifically geared to one advert.  This allows you to monitor response rates to and to carry out split a/b testing on all of your campaigns.


We only succeed through our customers which is why we actively seek contact and feedback.
We do take action when we get comments. So, whether it's good or bad news, please contact us.
We promise to never pass your information on to any other parties.
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