Audio conferencing makes it easier to share information and work together which leads to quicker and better decisions.

You can talk to with customers, suppliers and colleagues wherever they are at any time. It simply adds up to better business, widening your customer base and tapping into new markets.

1. Quick and simple

You’re able set up a business conference easily between people who have conference units and people who just have phones.

2. Not video

Because people can’t see you there is no need to think about what to wear and no chance of getting it wrong.  You may also not be comfortable with being seen on video and vice versa.

3. Conference any time, anywhere

Anywhere people can get to a phone or the internet or a mobile you can join them in the conference.

4. It’s cheap

An audio conference unit costs a few hundred pounds and plain phones are pretty ubiquitous. So the hardware costs are really low. The call costs are well understood and if you use VoIP can be cost efficient. For example if you conference using Birchills Telecom systems where everyone is a subscriber or it’s in house then it’s free.

5. No prior booking

You can just set up an audio conference as simply as phoning a few people.

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